There was that little unpleasantness a few years back, when both the telecoms giant and its high street reseller were prepared to take money from me, but neither would acknowledge me as a customer when it came to support.

For my part, I must admit to wavering when faced with tempting tariffs from other carriers.

But there are bound to be ups and downs in any long supplier/customer relationship – I was originally with BT Cellnet – and on the whole, I’ve been pretty satisfied.

So when the company announces a really good idea – free public wi-fi hotspots for all – I’m prepared to give credit where it’s due.

The full story’s here on the ever-dependable, and it’s clear that O2’s motives aren’t entirely altruistic. Nevertheless, the gist from Tim Sefton, O2′s new business development director, that current wi-fi services may be putting consumers off, and that the new wi-fi network will offer smartphone users a simpler way to access the Internet, resonates.

It’s yet more proof that KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid – is the way to go if you want to make life easier for your customers and more rewarding for you.

And I wonder how many people – not currently O2 customers – will see free public wi-fi as a reason and an opportunity to swap providers?