One thing I love about webside technologies is the creativity in developing new concepts and tools so there’s a big thank you to Rachel Shaw for giving me the nod about a tool that brings crowdsourcing to the fore – Squadhelp.

If you are lying there in the bath and have the “eureka” moment with a bright idea but you need the help of others to realise it, Squadhelp allows you to contact people with specific skills by creating a contest.

Rachel explains: “Squadhelp has taken a new approach to the crowdsourcing concept, allowing entrepreneurs to host company naming & branding contests at our website. In this way, companies can go straight to “the crowd” to determine an ideal & brandable name for their endeavour.

“If you check out our current and recently completed contests, you will notice that most contests receive more than 400 hand picked name ideas within a matter of couple of days for a low cost of $50 to $100. Existing businesses can also host contests to drive viral marketing traffic, viral videos and other marketing related activities.”

The areas covered by the Squadhelp competitions include naming & branding, marketing & videos, testing & usability, research & advice and web design & logos. Looking at the company’s front page contents are attracting hundreds of entries. So if you have a creative mind and fancy earning some extra money take a look at Squadhelp.