There’s a handy tool over at which lists the current top 50 most retweeted users on Twitter. Most of them are as you might expect but number one is maybe a little surprising.

Reverend Run, the man formerly known as the “Run” in Run-D.M.C., Rev Run is a respected rapper from hip-hop’s golden age who broke out on his own in the mid-2000s. Born Joseph Simmons in Queens. Globally renowned he even appears a subject for Brighton Graffiti Artists. To paraphrase the man himself he is the king of twitter, there is none higher – other twitter users should call him sire. He even manages to beat Justin Bieber into second place.

What can business users learn from Rev. Run?

  • Rev Run is not the most followed person on Twitter, he’s not even in the top 100, nor is he the most prolific, but his tweets are interesting, entertaining and show personality
  • Rev. Run gives great advice (personal favourite – “When life hands u lemons, turn around & make grape juice out of it.. & shock the hell out of folks”)

This is something all users should be striving for. If you are using your Twitter account to just say how good your business is, or as a place to post your Press Releases don’t be surprised if no one retweets you.

You need to engage your followers. Then they will share that message with other people. Informative or insightful tweets will interest more.

So go an visit see who is winning at engaging their followers and try and adapt and evolve your twitter use.