New chatbots appear daily across a growing range of businesses and markets, but they are currently in “rock star” mode in a few key verticals. It is here that they demonstrate and provide major benefits and impact. Use the lessons from these verticals for your own chatbot business plans. 

The pace of chatbot growth and the ensuing hype continues at a rapid pace, making it easy to fall for the hype or misread the market. However, chatbots are making a massive impact in some key areas, and by understanding and following their trends, you will have a better grasp of how to launch your own. business bot

Hospitality Welcomes Bots

Leading the bot revolution is the hospitality and travel industry with hotels a natural environment for chatbots acting as a digital concierge. Chatbots are already taking on the role of booking agent, service provider, advisor and tour guide for chains and boutique hotels around the world.

As more hotels move toward automation, the bot can help the customer get to the hotel from the airport, provide in-room services and guide them around town. That’s a lot of information for a simple bot to convey, but by linking to other available services, the hotel bot can take on superhero powers and provide a service that customers have instant access to.

This improves the quality of their stay while saving the staff for major issues and being a more welcoming face of the hotel, rather than bogging them down in endless smaller requests.

Alongside hotels, airlines are also rapid adopters of chatbots, particularly in Asia where passenger numbers continue to boom. Chatbots can help customers make instant flight changes, provide them with live updates around the airport and help with customer services issues without ending up the hold queue.

Any business should look at how hotels and airlines are adding value to their chatbots and maximising the customer experience while speeding up service and increasing efficiency.

Marketing Power Boost

One of the heroes of chatbots is in marketing automation, bringing that marketing message with a dash of fun to a massive audience. Chatbots are all over social media where your audience is, helping boost shareability and discussion about bots and the products or services they support.

While marketers like to talk about the conversation, chatbots allow the customers or brand followers to actual have one, from company mascots, avatars, characters from adverts and so on. Brands will always find a fun way to let people interact with a bot, from emoji chat to photo sharing, and it is here that other businesses can learn how to add the interactive features to their bot that add an extra layer of value.

Future Banks Are All About The Bot

With millions of customers each, big banks are racing to adopt chatbots to help out with customer service issues, to free up call center staff for the larger issues they face. At the other end of the scale, challenger banks are growing fast but lack the staff to cope with high volumes of queries.

This makes banking fertile ground for high-speed, fast-acting bots that are rapidly growing to cater to requests about all types of banking offering. As we move to a digital banking world, one where cryptocurrency and blockchain could play a key part, chatbots will be need to navigate and simplify these complex transactions and make them understandable to the consumer audience.

When it comes to sharing complex information, with a heavy dose of regulatory information,  banking is a good sector for other businesses to look at. They project the brand, strong customer service values and clarity of information in a short a time as possible. Beyond banks, the whole fintech market is a fervent adopter of chabots to help get complex messages across and shorten deal times, something that every business will soon be looking to benefit from.

Whatever your line of business, there are lessons to be taken from a wide range of chatbot sources, outside your own market. SnatchBot provides a useful range of templates and examples in most lines of work. While your rivals’ bots may provide ideas on how to address your market, focus on how others are excelling at chatbots to make your bot a class leader and add the extra touches that others in your area aren’t doing.