Cloud is now a mainstream solution. I don’t say this because every cloud pun has been uttered and written or because every IT business has a cloud strategy now; it is because in almost every tender document I look at there is reference to cloud solution for either present or the future. And every list of potential providers will have a cloud provider in some form or another.

There is now genuinely a cloud market, the difference I see here is that it is now driven by buyers and users rather than vendors and services providers.

But the really interesting thing about the development of a market is that you (the consumers of services) dictate what the services should look like and what issues they should address based on your IT business strategy. This has the effect of making us (the service providers) work harder to meet the requirements. It drives choice, reduction in price and an increase in standards we all talk about when we speak of a healthy market.

This is a good time for buyers to take advantage of the new business models as prices come down and they can reduce IT costs. However, it is important that when addressing the new IT supply models you don’t lose sight of the reason why you are talking to these providers in the first place because they should be coming to you with solutions to meet your needs.

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