There are so many things to do and processes to follow in order to build an effective, quality, popular blog and/or website. Most certainly content, and design play an important Role. But there are others which have perhaps over time dwindled in their popularity, or perhaps been neglected because of bad press.

Back links and PageRank are one of these. Years ago PageRank and back links were all important until people found umpteen ways of cheating the system. Today, back links still play an important Role with PageRank, but more importantly you have the ability to entice traffic and build awareness with the added bonus of increasing your Pr or PageRank.

I am going to look at a few ways in which you can get Back Links that will not get you banned from Google, that will certainly increase your PageRank, and even bring in some traffic.

Article Submissions

Years ago Article Directories were the golden egg to traffic generation. Today that importance has dwindled somewhat. But none the less, submitting articles to Article Directories does have its benefits. Obviously submitting your article to the right directory is important.

Not only do you gain back links to your site from your published articles, you will get some traffic as a bonus. Although today there are more effective ways of garnerhing traffic, the back links can still be a bonus.

Directory Submission

Directory submission used to work lot better before, but it is still a popular link building method that still works if done properly. How many directories are out there as of this date is anyone’s guess but one thing is certain: that most of the directories aren’t worth submitting to.

Except for our Directory. Yes I started a while back a directory and community for bloggers. To submit your blog just navigate to our Blog Directory and submit your blog.

Google considers a Yahoo Directory link as a quality back link so if you can afford and justify the cost, it is worth submitting to Yahoo Directory. Yahoo charges $300 for a yearly submission and there is no assurance that your site will be approved!

DMOZ is another directory that is worth submitting to and can provide great benefit in your SEO campaign. It may take months to get the approval from DMOZ and the chance of getting approved is pretty slim.

Another good directory to submit to is the BOTW directory that costs $99 for a yearly submission and $299 for a permanent listing

Blog Commenting

By far the best way to build up back links and solicit traffic is by commenting on other blogs. By being a regular contributor to other blogs.

This is a link building method where lots of spamming has already been done so to make the best of it, you need to work a little harder here. Because of the huge amount of spamming, many blog comments are “No Follow”. “No Follow” just means that Google will not pass any PR juice to the link. This was done in the hope to discourage spam links in blogs.

It is best to find quality blogs related to your category and make on-topic relevant comments. Not only do your comments add value to the blog post, you now have a greater chance of getting your comment approved and your comments have greater chance of staying on those blog posts.

Social Media

This should really be obvious by now. While the link juice is pretty slim with many of the social media sites, they still provide a smattering of back link juice as well as great possibilities for traffic. Google no doubt does not put a lot of weight when it comes to certain Social Media sites. Like Twitter, Facebook. Never the less, get enough back links and it all adds up.

Aggregators and Web 2.0 Pages

Aggregators and web 2.0 pages like PimpthisBlog, Blogengage, MyScoop, DotNetKicks, etc are great for a link building strategy.  Once again there are hundreds of aggregators out there. The art is choosing the best and correct one for your blog and niche.

Find one of the hundreds of blog aggregators around then join and submit your blog and feed. As content on the web continues to grow exponentially, consumers have turned to content aggregators to filter their information.

Some aggregators are manual while others are fully automatic. While some of them might seem more effort than reward, they do trickle traffic to your blog. The important thing is to join ones that can promote your niche and ones that you will be actively involved in. Here are some of the ones I use.

  • Afrigator
  • Myscoop
  • SheToldMe
  • BlogEngage
  • PimpThisBlog
  • ZillionsB
  • Dotnetkicks
  • DotNetShoutOut

Social Bookmarking sites

Whether you are a fan of these or not, they do have huge traffic potential. Only signing up on the ones that interest you and you will use. Here is a list of some of the popular ones:

  • Digg
  • Mixx
  • StumbleUpon (Toolbar)
  • Reddit
  • Muti (South Africa)


Although not one of these will give you that magic PR number or a huge flood of traffic, they will add to the pool. You know every bit counts.

The other thing I would like to mention is that there is no easy way to build back links and build up your PageRank. It is going to take time and effort.