Professional networking outlet LinkedIn has launched a pan-European PR and marketing campaign, BrandYou, to highlight the increasing importance of personal brand management at all stages of an individual’s career. The campaign will see exclusive insights, tools and personal BrandYou tests shared across the UK, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain on a LinkedIn Group set up for discussion and interaction.

According to Kevin Eyres, Managing Director at LinkedIn Europe, the concept of the personal, professional brand has never been more relevant in Europe. “BrandYou is about establishing, building and maintaining your credentials, profile and professional experience throughout all stages of your career. Managing your career has never been more important in Europe than it is today,” said Eyres.

This is due to two factors: the increased mobility of the workforce – Europeans are changing jobs at an unprecedented rate – and with the increased proportion of Generation Y employees within the workforce completely at ease with social media and its mix of professional and non-professional interaction.

Like any brand, BrandYou requires nurturing and management to ensure that it remains compelling and relevant to its target audience. To this end, LinkedIn invited some of Europe’s leading authorities on the art of brand management to share their professional secrets and methodologies concerning the definition and evolution of a brand, how to ensure that it remains compelling and relevant, and how new audiences can be reached. LinkedIn is now making these insights to available to its members to enable them to manage their most important brand of all – BrandYou.

Central to the BrandYou campaign, the ‘BrandYou Board’ is made up of a selection of Europe’s leading marketing experts covering all aspects of brand management, from research and analysis to brand development and measurement. Throughout the campaign, Board members will share insights that can be applied directly to people’s BrandYou via the BrandYou Group on LinkedIn. The Board includes:

  • Andrzej Moyseowicz, Media & Innovations Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, will be applying a scientific methodology to the art of brand management, through a series of insights and exercises
  • John Woodward, Global Planning Director at Publicis Worldwide, will share thoughts on discovering ‘brand truths’ and how to apply them to BrandYou
  • David Midgely, Professor of Marketing, INSEAD, will be providing insights from his book, ‘The Innovation Manual’[3], on what concepts such as ‘co-creation’ and ‘brand evolution’ (from early adopter to mainstream) mean for BrandYou
  • Katie Ledger, Communications Coach and author of ‘And What Do You Do?’[4] will provide a first-hand insight on creating and managing a personal brand in the particular context of a ‘portfolio career’

LinkedIn has worked with the BrandYou Board to develop an online survey to help people take the first step in understanding their own BrandYou. The questions focus on what people do to network online and offline and how they interact with their colleagues and other professional contacts. The result will position people in four main brand categories comparable to some of the most famous household brands today from Global Gurus like Visa, HP and Levis to Alternative Thinkers such as American Apparel, Muji and Diesel.

The test takers can then see advice and recommendations from the Board on how to understand what ther brand type means for them, as well as how to protect and grow it. “Just like LinkedIn itself, BrandYou is relevant at all stages of a person’s career. This is what makes the campaign so compelling and likely to generate discussion and exchange,” added Eyres.