LinkedIn has recently launched a new button that could be an attempt to revolutionise and make redundant the traditional CV and job application process. In its simplest sense; the ‘apply with LinkedIn’ button enables a job seeker to apply for a vacancy, using their LinkedIn profile as a resume, on any employer’s website where the button is present.

Impact on job seekers

The simplicity of the application process is incredible; a jobseeker really can apply for a position at the click of the button, providing all their profile information is up to date. LinkedIn has also made it possible for jobseekers to edit their profiles before submitting an application, should they wish to amend profile information.

The application process will also tell a jobseeker if any of their LinkedIn connections are already employed at the organisation. This could prove useful for feedback on the employer or referral into the organisation.

Jobseekers’ LinkedIn profiles will have to contain rich, up-to-date information relating to their skills and abilities, just as a traditional CV must. It’s a win/win for LinkedIn whose success largely depends upon the quality of its users’ profile information.

I have one issue with this method – namely the inability for a jobseeker to tailor their LinkedIn profile to a specific role, should they have a range of skills and experience in different fields.

What it means for brands

LinkedIn’s attempt to provide a solution to this limitation is to empower employers to tailor the ‘apply with LinkedIn’ button, enabling them to use it to ask up to three customised questions (e.g. on relocation) or ask for a covering letter, etc.

Organisations can take advantage of the button to appeal to a savvy online audience. The popularity of LinkedIn and the intuitive design of the application button can help employers to improve a jobseeker’s application experience on their website. The application process can also help employers to sort and vet applicants automatically.

Many LinkedIn users are now using their profile as an online CV. Should this trend continue, it will be jobseekers’ demands that require organisations to adopt the LinkedIn button in the application process.

Integration across the web

The button empowers the professional social networking site to spread its seed across the web in a similar fashion to their popular “share” button. This is just the start of what appears to be LinkedIn’s attempt to dominate the online job application process.