So Linkedin is to offer companies the opportunity to receive candidates direct by using a plugin on their website. Where so many of us are using Linkedin in one way or another it sounds a great opportunity for employers doesn’t it?

Cut out those perceived expensive fees that clients are paying suppliers and get the applicants direct instead. But in reality is it really going to be as cost effective as it sounds? Personally, I think not!

In my experience over the past two decades I have found that for every potentially relevant candidate that applies for a role there could be as many as ten or twelve irrelevant ones. So who is going to filter the applications when they arrive?

Vetting candidates is a time consuming procedure, it’s not just as simple as picking out a few buzz words on a CV to identify a candidate’s suitability. A pre-screening process should involve not only checking they have required skills but also undertaking an ID check, reference check and ensuring they will fit the company’s culture through a detailed telephone and/or face to face interview.

When directly vetting potential candidates for roles, If the company uses someone for the recruiting process who is relatively low paid and inexperienced can they be sure they are short-listing the right candidates, will they understand exactly what the company is looking for?

If it’s someone like an internal Project Manager or an experienced HR Consultant – is it the best use of their time sifting through a large volume of applications to find a select few? Yes, many employers will use LinkedIn’s plugin, just as many already use various recruitment sites, social network tools and job boards already.

However, at the end of the day I expect that the majority will continue to use their existing suppliers who offer an effective service by providing a small number of pre-vetted candidates relevant for the role.

From my experience I find that for clients time is money, no matter what people’s perception is of resource providers, if they are utilised correctly then they provide a very efficient and cost effective solution to a company’s recruitment needs.