A live streaming event has already made a stand in the current market and is a promising venture for the future. Aided by spectacular live streaming software the live streaming business has been able to generate huge revenue in the past few years. Primarily to stream a live event from anywhere, be it a house or a workplace you need to work hard and put in enough effort for a brilliant outcome. The workflow needs to be without any hesitation or any issues.

There are no shortcuts in commencing a live streaming platform with proper live streaming software. The ones looking to create a website have different specks in mind compared to the ones looking to launch a live streaming video app. The budget would totally depend on the features included.

However, in this article we are going to discuss ten of the best features which you need to consider if you want your live stream to carry on without any hindrance.

1. There Is More Than A Single Way To Do It

There are literally thousands of ways around you which you can take up to live stream an event without hitch. Every technique has its own perks and none of them can be ignored. Dylan Armajani from Viacom states “Don’t limit you to a single workflow”, which means that rather than wasting time on a single workflow you must dig deep into the matter and get accustomed to the software and technologies incorporated in the live streaming event. With the huge number of live streaming software and transmission options available, one can now stream their most loved videos from anywhere anytime. Try to reduce your workload by determining the workflow along with its pros and cons.

2. Implement A Video Switcher

A video switcher would give you a visually alluring, dynamic and memorable performance. Do not underestimate the number of inputs you would require while selecting a switcher. The best switcher would obviously be the one that fits your budget. Switchers are mainly of two types which include hardware and software-based switchers. Software switchers are easily affordable of the two and their deliverance is immaculate. This, however, is a subjective discussion since many streamers prefer hardware-based switchers since they want to be totally free of the software crashing in midst of their venture.

3. Hardware Or Software Encoding

Just like it is with switchers, hardware and software encoders are readily available. Some switchers even carry out the software encoding part. The best Mac streaming software is provided by Adobe’s Flash Media Live Encoder, which is free and you run confidently on a Macbook. Even YouTube has started offering free encoding software to stream its own services. Software encoders such as Telestream’s WireCast Pro can also be used. You will also require a capture card to get a video signal to your PC. Hardware-based encoders will only allow you to plug in your video signal. Hardware encoders are built by brands such as Cisco, but can cost a fortune. The best system is the one which you have tested with patience and you know is flawless.

4. Know How Many Streams To Encode

Life would be less complex for live event streamers if there were one general configuration and bitrate to encode and distribute in. As of now, multiple streams are expected to achieve viewers with various broadband speeds and diverse screens. At the scene, one alternative is to encode at a single high bitrate stream that gets transcoded to numerous versions in the cloud. This single stream would regularly utilise the RTMP Flash Streaming convention, the H.264 video codec, AAC sound codec, and dynamic casings. Another alternative is to produce numerous streams onsite which require more costly encoders and a great deal of broadband speed.

5. An Inbuilt Graphics & Audio Rendering System

There is certain live streaming software which would permit you to include lower-third graphics down below where the live stream is taking place. The graphic options may be quite simple, but still it would save up lots of time for your own good. An inbuilt audio-mixer also permits you to make volumetric adjustments on each stream.

6. Social Media Integration

In the event that your encoder offers social media integration, you could show certain tweets reporting in real time with the snap of a button—or train fans to submit inquiries to the halftime show utilising a specific hashtag. You can perceive how this element could make the live stream a ton betters for the dedicated followers! Software such as vMix aids in the integration with Instagram which would help in displaying multiple pictures within the waste of time.

7. Don’t Stop The Stream As Soon As It Ends

When a live stream has finished, don’t just abandon the platform. Try implementing a technique similar to that of YouTube which will automatically replay the video once it ends. There will be certain times when the crowd who are watching replays will surpass ones being glued to Video-On-Demand platforms.

8. Record & Stream Concurrently

Your system must allow you to create local copies simultaneously while you are recording the live event. Things might go haywire if your service provider is also recording along with you. Make sure that your live streaming software has this feature embedded into it.

9. Colour Correction Of Your Videos

There might be instances where you are unable to white balance and completely edit your video source before you are already live. However, a colour correction procedure followed correctly would aid you in adjusting the feeds so that they cannot be differentiated in the colour space.

10. Have a Plan B

What if your primary plan fails? Keep yourself updated with an optional plan and coin it Plan B. Such backup would reduce the risk of failure and help in better recovery. Your backup will depend on the budget you list for your venture. Multiple CDN also makes it sure that there are more repetitions. Integrate your own backup solutions properly so that even with less budget your venture will be a stroll in the park.

In conclusion, it’s important to state that to launch a video a few prerequisites must be kept in mind in the long run. Build a strong base and an unhampered foundation so that your endeavour keeps improving day to day.