BusinessLocal Branding Tips For Small Businesses

Local Branding Tips For Small Businesses

Many local businesses have a very hard time competing online with large national companies. But there are a few tips that can help you dominate your local SEO scene.

One of the most important is branding. Of course, you do not want to actually go after the national companies and spend all that money on branding yourself for national coverage, but you can do quite a bit to get the local market.

Learning how to use local branding strategies to improve your page rank and to increase your profile along with spending less on AdWords can greatly increase your visibility for local traffic.

The very first thing you do not want to do is try to compete with your competition that is a national company by lowering your prices or showing that you have a large inventory. The larger company can easily beat you on these fronts.

However, local consumers truly desire personalized service, value local businesses, and trust these local companies more than national brands as they are usually neighbors.

When you wish to brand your small business, you should use these ideas including such things as the service you do in the community, charity work, and even if you are in the PTA with other working parents.

What National Companies Ignore

National companies do not use the internet as well as they should locally, thus knowing their mistakes can actually help you brand your local business.

It only takes a few short minutes to do the things on the internet that the larger companies do not do so you can rank higher in Google and actually bring more traffic to your local store.

  • Claim your local business on Google’s local business page
  • Respond to any negative comments
  • Create mobile friendly location pages
  • Offer promotions
  • Advertise on Facebook to local consumers
  • Connect with your customers.
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Help With Branding

As far as this goes in helping brand your local business, you must also remember that most people like to shop close to home so you will need to decide if you need to spend money on advertising through such venues as AdWords or if you can actually land in the local results by claiming your business on Google’s local business page.

Many small businesses will come up more times than national companies if they have a presence online such as the local business page. Many will even be found on Google maps on the same search results.

Consumers often search for products, restaurants, or services “near me”. With Google’s new algorithm, your business will often be listed right below the ads if there are any pertinent ads using the search keywords.

You may soon find that just by learning how to utilize local SEO will gain you more traffic, phone calls, and of course more sales.

SEO for small local businesses are not that hard when you begin looking at the techniques to brand your company.

Using social media, reviews, and backlinks, you are sure to find that you can easily brand your company to appeal to your neighborhood and to those that are near you without the high costs that national companies spend on advertising that does not include advertising dollars for your area.

No matter what avenues you have chosen online including LinkedIn, Facebook, and your local business listing page in Google, you should use the same logo, so your customers will recognize your company at first glance.

Always use the same information such as telephone number, address, and other pertinent information. This will lead to trust and will give you more clout in your local area.

You can beat the national chains without spending thousands of dollars in advertising and it will only take a short amount of time.

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