The keyboard and mouse are very important parts of an overall computer system because we use them constantly to communicate with the computer. Without a computer keyboard, even a computer with the best configuration is equivalent to a useless piece of metal. If you use your computer for light word processing or e-mailing, then pretty much any keyboard will suffice. However, if you are using it for gaming and other heavy usages where you spend hours pounding on it, then it is worthwhile to spend a little effort and time to search for the best keyboard you can afford.

While laptops have become the platform of choice, we often have to compromise comfort and functionality in exchange for convenience and portability. Logitech has developed a range of peripherals, including laptop mice and a line of laptop stands, designed to maximise the benefits and minimise the challenges posed by using a portable computer. The company’s latest keyboard designed specifically for a laptop, the diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks (£54.95), is impressively thin (22mm from base to key caps) and looks equally at home in your living room or on your desk thanks to its glossy black finish and brushed-aluminium palm rest. It is also wireless thanks to the bundled Bluetooth USB adapter and software, and offers a full-size layout complete with number pad.

Highlights include the fact that the USB receiver doesn’t need to be line of sight as I thought it would, and it can also be plugged into a PlayStation PS3. The keyboard is beautifully crafted and performs fluidly, and there is plenty of space between the keys. The keys are like laptop keys too, with a slightly raised bottom row of keys where CTRL, ALT and Space reside. The media keys are also very customisable with the supplied PinPoint application. There is a good array of shortcut buttons (eject drive, volume, skip/play) and 10 of the keys are customisable. Also, if you don’t use the ‘F’ keys much, you can set the media keys to be the default (instead of having to press the Fn key + the ‘F’ key everytime). Sadly there are no screen brightness controls or pointing device, which is a bit of an oversight considering the keyboard is aimed at laptop users. I was also disappointed there were no USB ports for easily connecting a Logitech mouse as well as a high-speed peripheral such as a digital camera or printer.

Because you often use your laptop in busy wireless environments, Logitech’s 2.4GHz wireless technology helps to reduce interference, effectively eliminating delays and dropouts. And by optimising the power management system, Logitech’s improved wireless technology enables an impressive 3-year battery life for the keyboard. When the time does come to replace the two supplied AAA batteries, the dedicated cover on the underside of the keyboard makes the process quick and easy. Logitech’s diNovo Keyboard for Notebooks is good but there are more comfortable keyboards for heavy typists and gamers. If like me, you want a slim and sexy wireless keyboard but don’t want to shell out for the DiNovo Edge (around £100), you should perhaps consider this cheaper alternative.