LogMeIn has updated Ignition for iPhone/iPad. The popular remote access application now boasts a hybrid approach to controlling and interacting with remote computers via the iPad’s touch display. Blending touch and point-and-click controls, it gives users the ability to naturally interact with Windows or Mac-based interfaces on the iPad.

The update also supports gesture-triggered swiping to more easily switch between multiple monitors, as well as new in-app search for quickly locating and connecting to a specific computer. Video demonstrations of the new navigation capabilities and in-app search are available on LogMeIn’s YouTube channel.

LogMeIn said the usability enhancements in this update come as a direct result of user feedback. “The iPad introduced a wealth of mobility benefits, but for our business, it was Ignition that proved to be the catalyst for making the tablet a truly disruptive technology,” said Kyle Restoule, Vice President of Technosis, a LogMeIn customer. “We’re already using the combination of iPad and Ignition to replace laptops as our primary road warrior weapon. Combine the full power of a desktop workstation with the simplicity of Ignition and instant-boot power of the iPad, and you’re bringing your office anywhere you can get a mobile signal.”

Additional details on the new capabilities:

  • Direct mode navigation – Blends touch and click navigation, allowing users to simply click the screen for easy navigation and interact with remote computers as if they were native multi-touch apps
  • Gesture-based monitoring switching – Allows left/right three-finger swiping to change monitor views
  • In app searching – Helps users find specific computers within their computer list, to more easily and quickly connect to a remote computer.

LogMeIn Ignition for iPad and iPhone app can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store for a one-time charge of £17.99 and the update is freely available to existing Ignition owners.