At InfoSecurity Europe (Earl’s Court, London from April 19-21), LynuxWorks, Inc will show the latest version of their leading secure virtualization product helping to protect standard endpoints against cyber attacks. In the ValidEdge booth (L-76) there will be a demonstration of the LynxSecure 5.0 separation kernel and hypervisor, running multiple Windows operating systems (OSes) securely in their own domains, on a standard laptop.

The LynxSecure product from LynuxWorks helps protect endpoints from any malicious attacks, especially when away from the protected corporate network by securely segregating sensitive corporate applications and data from unprotected Internet browsing. The same LynxSecure technology is also running in the booth as the secure platform for the ValidEdge MIS1200 Malware Analyzer, allowing malware under analysis to be contained in its own secure partition.

For endpoint protection, LynxSecure 5.0 offers military-grade security, near-native performance and flexible virtualization, allowing IT departments to protect corporate computers and sensitive information, without forcing users to compromise on their endpoint’s functionality.

“The latest version of LynxSecure builds new virtualization functionality on the proven security environment of its separation kernel architecture,” said Robert Day, VP Marketing, LynuxWorks, Inc. “This allows resource constrained endpoints like corporate laptops to securely share devices while protecting against cyber attacks by maintaining different OSes and applications in their own secure virtual machines.”