You can hardly boot up without Justin Bieber appearing somewhere on your screen. For some reason (probably because he’s cute!) he has been the victim of many an Internet hoax. The Internet played an enormous part in Justin’s fame from the outset.

Bieber, whose mother began posting home-made videos of him singing on the internet when he was just 12, was stumbled upon by marketing executive Scooter Braun on YouTube who asked him to make a demo. He subsequently signed a deal with island records and was soon plastered all over the Internet thanks initially to YouTube.

Because of his pull and the amount of times he is searched for on the Internet he is now the subject of many an Internet hoax. Recently the Justin Bieber Death Hoax and the Justin Beiber Korea Tour Hoax. these hoaxes fuel the news and his name spreads like a virus through the networks.

Download plugin for Shaved Bieber!

Well some have heard enough, they want to scrub their Internet experience clean of Justin Bieber. As a result one One FireFox developer named Greg Leuch has created a FireFox add-on to help achieve this goal, at least in Internet searching and browsing.

The extension is called Shaved Bieber and it will censor any mention of Bieber from your search. Justin is not the only thing that you can oblitorate, a bookmarklet is also available to allow custom censoring of pages.

The tool even helps hide images of Justin Bieber so you don’t have to look at his cute face any more.