Everyone today wants to make money blogging. Blogs are very simple to setup and anyone with a business or product should have a blog. With a blog you can talk about anything you like, share your thoughts on different topics, you can also use a blog to promote your business or products to make you extra income online.

How can you really make money blogging?

Here are simple and effective ways to make a profit from your blog.

Set Up Your Own Blog

It’s easy to set up a blog, there is a lot great info online on how to do this, you can find some here if you look up You should go with hosting your own blog with wordpress. This gives you full control of what you want your blog to do.

Choose Your Niche For Your Blog

You need to know what you blog will focus on, if you have a blog about scuba diving, then all your content, ads, affiliate products SHOULD be all about scuba diving, makes sense right?

This way when people come to your blog and are looking for anything to do with scuba, then you want them to see a lot of info about scuba.

This is especially true with search engine traffic, they are searching for something specific, they want info on that search so if they come to your site from Google and are looking to buy a wet suit, then you want them to know they came to the right site.

Introduce Your Blog To The Online World

Ok if you have read my blog, you know that I am a fan of social media, primarily Twitter. If you are on twitter you can find me at @JohnAguiar

Once you have a nice blog set up and you are reading to make money blogging then it is time to promote promote promote.

Social media sites like facebook, Linkdin, Twitter, and 100 others are a great way to find targeted traffic for your new blog.

You can find people with the same interests as you, and your blog have like our example earlier of a scuba diving blog. You can search these sites and find people, groups to connect with are also into scuba. Now you just need to join the conversation and slowly they will visit your blog.

Right now twitter is the best free way to get targeted traffic to your blog. I am in the process of releasing a twitter e-book on how I got over 50,000 followers and drive 100-300 targeted people to my block each day, using ONLY free services and techniques.

Now the bad news about social media.

To get the MOST out of it you will need to “be there” and WORK!

Yes I know we are all here to work less and make more, but social media only works if you put the time into it.  I use some great FREE tools to automate “some” tasks and that is fine, makes me more efficient, but you can not automate it all!

Ex: I use one site to post one message to about 25 sites all at once, this is a huge help since now I don’t have to sign into twitter, facebook, linkdin, myspace etc..

I promise you if you try to use a fully automated twitter program you will not get the results you really want from twitter.

Once you have all this in place it really isn’t hard to make money blogging. All you need is a blog to start.

It’s 9am do you know where your blog is?