The buzz around LinkedIn as a social media product has been at a low hum compared to newsmakers like Twitter and Facebook. Yet LinkedIn is looming larger in the business world. LinkedIn’s limited social media purpose, while less flashy, proves to be more useful for people looking for business, whether they are job seekers looking for a job, or consultants, self-employed, and B2B companies looking for business leads.

In fact, the marketing software company Hubspot found that LinkedIn had the highest visitor to lead conversion rate, beating Twitter and Facebook. One of the underused features of LinkedIn’s Company page is the Products & Services Tab. Here are some tips on how to get the most out your Products & Services tab to generate some business!


Create a list of products & services. Click on “Add a product & service” if you haven’t added anything yet, or click on “Edit” on the Admin tools. For each, select a category, input the name, attach a 100×80 pixel image, and add a description. If you like, youcan list up to 8 key features, which will appear as bullet points under your main description.

The following features will appear on the right sidebar of an individual product/service page. Add a website address and contacts for sales or more information. Add a YouTube video featuring your company’s product or service. Finally, you can add a specific promotion for the product or service, which will appear below the video.


An extremely useful tool of the Products & Services Tab is that you can personalize content by tailoring products or services to different audiences. To begin, click on “Edit” from Admin tools, and then choose “Create new audience.” From here, you can define your targeted audience using several criteria, including company size, job function, industry, seniority, geography.


Make use of the Spotlight feature, which will appear on the main Products & Services overview tab. Here, you can add up to 3 large banner images to highlight special offers, events, or as you would other visual ad-space. The Spotlight feature is especially useful for driving people to special demo or introductory offers.


Help build your brand within LinkedIn by sharing recommendations of your products and services. Invite people to make recommendations. You can do this directly through the “Request Recommendations” button on the Product & Services tab. Not only will a recommendation show up on your tab, it will also be visible to all the recommender’s connections.

You can also add a LinkedIn Recommend button, which is similar to Facebook’s “Like” button, to your own company product page. Go here to build your recommend button. Don’t forget that people will not be landing by default on your Products & Services tab. Users will probably land on the Company Overview page, so use that space to drive people over to the products tab.