Many businesses put a lot of time and money into their digital marketing campaigns without considering the advantages of traditional marketing. But even in today’s digital age, not everyone uses the Internet and social media, particularly the older generation. Tapping into this forgotten demographic will help you reach a wider audience and could your online strategy. Here are some other reasons why you should consider investing in traditional marketing.

It’s A Growing Industry

Out-of-home marketing methods target people when they are away from home. Despite the exposure such techniques can generate, many businesses forgo using this type of strategy altogether. However, out-of-home marketing has been growing. In 2016 the industry was worth over $7.3 billion, growing by 4.6% since the year before. Increased use of cars and longer commuting distances also means that potential customers are exposed to outside media almost everywhere they go, not just when they’re on the web.

Traditional Marketing Is No Longer ‘Traditional’

The boundaries between traditional and digital marketing are slowly being eroded as businesses innovate, and there are now emerging technologies that are combining both the digital and traditional. Electronic billboards now include QR codes for passers-by to scan, directing them to a website or products. This can not only increase exposure but can lead to direct sales as well.

Not Everyone Is Tech-Savvy

99% of people aged 16-34 use the Internet and most of them will also have at least one social media account. To tap into the younger generation you have to invest in online advertising. However, investing solely in this type of advertising will only go so far. The older generation are much less likely to use the Internet and social media, meaning there is a considerable audience just waiting to view your ads via external sources. Sometimes the only way to reach them is through traditional media. Printed brochures, telemarketing and poster advertising will allow you to reach those less tech-savvy customers who might be interested in your products and services.

Traditional Marketing Is Affordable

Printed brochures can be very cheap to produce because bulk orders will help you to keep costs down. They also allow you to disseminate large amounts of information within a small space. Magazine and newspaper advertising is limited by word counts and margins, but by designing and printing your own brochures you’re only bound by your imagination.

You Can Test The Market In Real Time

It’s often said that the benefit of digital marketing is being able to track how well your campaign is doing. Plugins, apps and websites like Google AdWords allow you to see exactly how everything, from web pages to individual links, are performing. But who’s to say you can’t do this with traditional marketing as well? Telemarketing offers real-time feedback, meaning you can implement changes immediately. And modern apps can also be used for tracking emails and even printed media. Using things like QR codes and specific web-links means you can feed data back to your analytics software and assess how well your ads are being received.

So the next time you sit down to devise a marketing plan, don’t just think about SEO and digital marketing. Look beyond the web and take advantage of all the new technology available in the offline sector as well. The results might surprise you!