Web DevelopmentMeasuring The Impact Of Web Developments On Conversion

Measuring The Impact Of Web Developments On Conversion

Last month Maxymiser invited marketers to take part in a survey to measure approaches to website conversion management. Some of the results were quite interesting.

Converting visitors to buyers was identified as the most significant challenge faced by online marketers with 42% citing this as their primary challenge whilst driving traffic came second at just 26%.

Marketers are now more focused on converting traffic than acquiring it but how are they going about doing that?

Evidence suggests that there is change afoot in the way websites are developed with far more scrutiny being placed on the impact of content choices on conversion.

Almost 70% of marketers agree or strongly agree that small changes can have a significant impact on conversion.

However, a significant gap exists between what marketers see as being impactful on conversion and how conversion is being managed on the ground.

It is alarming to note that 21% of marketers do not have any means to measure the impact of changes on conversion whilst 60% still rely upon web analytics data.

17% use multivariate testing, a technology that gives scientific measurement of changes against baseline, removing the risk of making a bad call.

If you agree with the notion that small web changes can have a significant impact on conversion, what processes do you have in place to manage and measure those changes?

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