There’s a new e-mail marketing service on its way. Designed for small businesses but scalable for larger enterprises, Message Horizon has been in soft/beta launch with 50 marketers for a couple of months and is expected to go live in the next few weeks.

Message Horizon promises everything regarded as standard in an e-mail marketing service in addition to four key differences over the other providers:

  1.  Straightforward pricing plan that doesn’t have incremental charges. Simple fixed monthly fee regardless of list size or frequency of email campaigns. For a fixed monthly fee of £29 (ex. VAT), clients can bulk import as many e-mail addresses as they like and start sending e-shots. This pricing model means the user doesn’t need a variable budget.
  2.  No annual contract tie-in. You pay the first 3 months upfront, then you can cancel at any time and the last payment is for the month in which you cancel, e.g. terminate 31 January and you would not receive a bill for February.
  3.  You can design your own HTML emails to reflect your house-style. Or the Message Horizon team will provide a bespoke HTML e-mail template from a customer-supplied design, for free.
  4.  Customer support queries are handled by in-house experts based in the UK, so your queries should be resolved faster. And access to the help desk is free to all subscribers… forever.

Message Horizon has a tough time on its hands taking on the likes of established cloud messaging solutions including the fantastic MailChimp and AWeber, but at least it has the advantage of being based in the UK. Just don’t mention DotMailer!