If you haven’t heard yet, On Friday Feb 11th the two companies announced a partnership. Nokia is to roll out their phones with Windows Phone 7.

Now if you go over to the Nokia Forums, read the blog comments you get the feeling that Nokia fans are all bent out of shape.

What happened did all the Nokia fans suddenly become Anti-Microsoft over night?

What, would you rather have Nokia stick with the failing Symbian, or perhaps go with Android. Android might have been a good second choice. But that’s it, a second choice.

If you actually try out the Windows Phone 7 you will come to realise that is is actually a very good operating system. It rocks and is actually a lot nicer and faster than Android. Not only my opinion but many others as well.


So out with all the negativity. Let’s look at the benefits that are out there.

  1.  Microsoft Windows Phone 7 is a great OS. But making fewer sales than expected. Why is that? Well because they do not have enough devices to market. Nokia presents the perfect tool to do just that. If you actually USED a Windows Phone 7 you’d see that to be true. One of the reasons why Nokia is falling in the Market is because of it’s old defunct OS.
  2.  Nokia still has the largest percentage of the mobile market. Although falling, they still command a big share.
  3.  Nokia has distribution. Nokia has dealers and stores all over the world, in the deepest darkest alleys and corners. Places Apple won’t have stores in for decades, if ever. Something Android does not have yet, and probably will not have for a very long time.
  4.  Nokia has some fantastic hardware designs. They always have great cameras, great screens, great looking phones. They also have a superior supply chain. Supply chains matter a lot more than anyone thinks. More than Apple or Android.
  5.  Microsoft has the best developer tools out there. Come on, can anything compete with Visual Studio 2010 in the development arena. I mean, have you really seen how easy it is to develop apps with Microsoft Visual Studio, Silverlight and XNA. Listen, you don’t even need to buy Visual Studio. All this works perfectly with the free Visual Studio Express and related tools.
  6.  Microsoft has Xbox. Which has just been rejuvenated with Kinect. The biggest selling product in history up until now. Even hotter than the iPad! You won’t believe how popular the gaming industry is. It is worth billions. Windows Phone 7 just brought that closer to the mobile phone market.
  7.  Microsoft Market Place is growing bigger and bigger. It’s all about apps isn’t it. What has made iPhone so successful. It is the iPhone store, where they have millions of apps. A good solid development environment, good solid apps and a good place to sell it is what Nokia and Symbian lacks. Symbian is failing, no one is developing apps for them any more. What type of apps and how many apps are available is what matters nowadays.

Put all these things together and suddenly you see and understand why the Microsoft-Nokia marriage is a great thing. So many benefits for both. It’s a win win situation for all three. Microsoft, Nokia, and the users. That’s you and me. I think that this deal is going to shake the market up, if it has not done so already.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s a good thing or bad thing? Let’s hear it.