The sheer pace of cloud computing development can leave a person almost breathless. Three years ago I was moaning about how useless my old mobile phone was when it came to online calendaring, emails etc and today my Android-powered Samsung Galaxy SII performs as many tasks as my desktop computing.

Sitting in the garden I can send and answer emails, browse the net, manage diaries and to do lists, monitor Facebook, Twitter and Google+, stream my MP3 collection, log my growing collection of red wines … the list is endless. And it is going to get better with mobile cloud computing promising to be a game changer over the next four years.

Mobile Cloud To Change Consumers And Enterprise

A new report on mobile cloud computing forecasting up to 2016 states that mobile cloud computing will undergo a major shift and has the potential to change the life of consumers and enterprises beyond what can be conceived today. The report states that the size of the mobile cloud market is poised to reach over $45 billion by 2016.

Some of the key points that emerged from this research include:

  • Mobile Cloud Computing is one of the fastest growing segments of the cloud computing paradigm.
  • Apple and Google are the major players both influencing and enabling the developments in the mobile cloud.
  • By 2014, users will access their professional and personal contents from one cloud based mobile device.
  • Mobile operators have the most to gain through cloud services.
  • The Mobile Cloud Computing adoption is bound to increase as the tablets and smartphone further penetrate the market.
  • Expansion of cellular connected devices beyond smartphones and laptops (MIDs, netbooks and smartbooks is also a driving factor for the growth of mobile cloud services.
  • By 2016, 60% of the enterprises in the developed markets will be accessing IT services from the cloud and paying for access on a per-use basis.
  • The mobile cloud providers will be successful in North America, Western European market, Asia and Latin America from 2011-2016.
  • Brazil, Poland, China, Japan, Russia and India will generate regional mobile cloud providers.
  • Mobile cloud computing will promote successful partnership between content providers, developers, mobile marketers, enterprises and MNOs on a regional or global scale.
  • Mobile Cloud Computing offers a set of new business model opportunities that are still in an early stage of development.
  • Enterprise applications will account for the majority of mobile cloud app revenues.

Mobile Cloud Changing IT Structures

It continues: “The cloud market has gone through major changes in 2011, in the consumer market, services and apps being offered include the Gmail and Facebook for mobile users. On the enterprise side, mobile cloud services are changing the entire structure of the IT industry. This is where the greatest action in terms of revenues generated and technological changes will take place during the forecast period of this report.

“Mobile network operators are at the forefront of monetising the cloud opportunities. We believe MNOs can replace CAPEX with OPEX and offer new revenue-generating services. They can also move real-time communications services (voice, video and messaging) to the cloud. This option opens up new business models with compelling ROI. Although these models remain untested, they offer the promises of positioning the operators as an important player in the mobile cloud value chain.”