Using a personal computer for online shopping, banking transactions and more is relatively painless.

By contrast, trying to do the same things on a connected mobile device is fraught with problems. That, at least, is what this Tealeaf survey found.

Well, shock, horror.

How surprising is it that small screens, flaky connections and other, more personal failings (fat fingers, poor eyesight) have led to difficulties?

And how surprising is it that levels of satisfaction are low, when the same content is pushed in the same format, regardless of device?

The real news here is that mobile transactions aren’t going away.

Despite teething troubles, mobile connected devices have become a mainstream channel. Remember, it’s only a year since the launch of the iPad set off the tablet feeding frenzy. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

As more devices in different formats enter the market, levels of use and consumer expectation can only rise.

We all have a lot more work to do in what promises to be an enormously rewarding environment for us – and our customers.