If you have a web site or a series of web sites on third party hosted servers and have more than a passing interest in every aspect of how that host or hosts is performing, you know that tools to monitor performance up time, load times, etc are few and far between. However, there is one service that is like a Swiss Army Knife for web monitoring – Montis.

Now I am not a particularly techy guy but starting out on a test drive of Montis I’d hazard a guess and say that there is not a single aspect of web hosting, reliability and performance that isn’t covered.. Montis have kindly given me access to their premium service and I will be taking this for an extended test drive because, quite frankly, there is too much to cover in one review. So let’s take an overview of what is available.

If you are an IT manager, possibly transferring your company’s resources webside for the first time, you are going to want to have your finger on the pulse and keep a watchful eye on every aspect of your operation and Montis provides this through monitoring websites for uptime and user experiences, servers, desktops, applications and both private and public clouds.

For a full list of features click here. but I’ll take a dipstick approach and talk you through the basics.

Montis tracks:

  • End to end monitoring including EMail Servers, Firewalls, VoIP, Databases, Domain Name Servers, Routers and Web Servers
  • Server and network monitoring for Windows, Linux,Solaris and FreeBSD servers
  • Synthetic monitoring including the ability to drill down multiple layers to track problems
  • Application monitoring
  • Cloud monitoring – Rackspace, Amazon EC2 etc

It also covers a comprehensive range of day to day, routine requirements from tracking the number of emails sent. failure alerts, timeout specifications, access management and much more.

Pricing comes in two primary flavours – basic for two cents under $10 a month or the Plus module which is a tadge under $40 dollars a month. Because of the breadth of modules within Montis you can also design your own bespoke package.

When you sign in to Montis you are greeted by a module wizard, shown below:

I carried out some very basic tests and the feedback was quick – and encouraging. You do not have to keep logging in to the Montis site as test results can be emailed to you with results in the email body and as an attached PDF as illustrated below:

There are more complex tasks in the package and I’ll be testing them over the next few weeks and reporting back.