Back in late December I blogged about some trends I had noted in the market which I predicted would affect the world of IT this year. One of my predictions was that Android, and other competitors, would begin to challenge Apple and their iPad and iPhone offering, and this challenge would lead to the upstarts eventually toppling the giant.

Now as you know I am personally a big fan of Apple, but much as it pains me to say this today I stumbled across two products which I think enforce this point and put the day of reckoning for Apple much sooner than even I had anticipated.

Product one is something called Natural User Interface (NUI) from a company called Eyesight Technology I have their promotional video below for you to have a look at.

The website claims that this technology can work not only with both Windows 7 and Chrome tablets but also with mobile phones. The solution offered by NUI technology is operated by gestures, allowing the user to control electronic products without human intervention.

Now this is by no means an advert for the product (although if there is one going I wouldnt’ mind testing it out) but I really think it just emphasizes my point that Apple can not win out in the long run. The primary problem is that Apple devices operate on such a closed Platform that those who are more open to outside help and innovation will always be strong challengers and will win out at the end of the day.

The second product which was unveiled today is Google’s new Android operating system. The latest version of Google’s Android OS is called Honeycomb and it has been specifically optimised for tablets. The idea is that tablets running Honeycomb will not need to be bigger but just better with enhanced features like the ability to buy applications and features within applications as well as to video chat.

This web based version of Android should bring it much more into line with Apple. Currently the number of Android applications is about one third the number of Apple applications but I am confident this new release will see those numbers grow along with the adoption of Android throughout the year.

As always choosing a tablet or a mobile phone platform to write applications for, and with, is a tricky business with lots to consider but as you know with uniPaaS you need not make this decision and you write your code once and then deploy to your chosen platform. Announcements like the above just make me very glad that I don’t have to make decisions on which platform to choose, and just highlight the fact that you never know what new and innovative solutions are around the corner to make your chosen platform obsolete.

Have you seen anything like this that will speed the adoption of Apples challengers?