Social MediaThe Most Popular And Underrated Social Media Platforms Comparative Analysis

The Most Popular And Underrated Social Media Platforms Comparative Analysis

In the past 20 years, social media has grown to be a crucial part of every marketing strategy. Marketers have discovered a wide-ranging route for using digital marketing to advertise goods or services in a connected environment.

Over 59% of the world’s population—or nearly 4.7 billion people—was using social media at the outset of 2022, according to current statistics. These figures imply that 9 out of 10 Internet users currently regularly use social media.

Because of this, social media platforms are a great place for firms to launch their marketing initiatives. Digital marketing, and particularly marketing on social media has developed into a powerful tool for both large corporations and small businesses.

A well-designed website is the first step in the process and one of the most effective digital marketing tools for business owners. One of the really significant values of having a webpage for a small company is the increase in reputation and Internet visibility.

Four out of every five small businesses do not own a website, according to a 2021 poll by Small Business Trends of more than 1,200 business owners. Having social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn may be considered sufficient by many business owners but it actually isn’t.

These businesses cannot link their social media accounts to their website, which lowers their Google search rankings. Having a website created with one of the top-rated free website builders available online could provide you an advantage over your rivals.

A well-designed website is another tool you may use to attract new clients, money, and value to your company as a whole. Social media advertising then enters the picture. Never forget that. Marketers must reach out to potential customers in any manner they can because the market has grown more difficult to penetrate as a result of the growth of these marketing tools. 

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Mainstream Social Media Platforms

Jumping into marketing on social media as a business person or marketer without knowing how to harness its potential and understanding which tools from among a large range of options to employ may be detrimental. The most well-known social networking sites will be compared in this post, along with their benefits and drawbacks.

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Among the most widely used social networking sites worldwide is Facebook. Facebook is one of the most used programs out there, with over 260 million active users on a daily basis in the US and Canada alone; 56.6% of Facebook users are men, whereas 43.4% are women; regular users visit Facebook many times per day.

Facebook is used by people of various ages – mostly by people ages 25-34, i.e., 31% and 22.6% of individuals aged 18 to 24. Additionally, 17.9% of persons aged 35-44 and 11% of adults aged 45-54 utilize it.


Facebook has a superior Ads platform than any other platform to date and offers the best targeting options. Facebook also offers thorough analytics on your audience, which can greatly improve the way you define your target demographic.


It has been harder to achieve the same reach as more companies are using the advertisements platform.

For businesses, this requires paying more to get the most engagement and reach since Facebook Ads has evolved into a promotional tool that you must pay in order to reap the benefits of.

Facebook often has very poor conversion rates, which can be disappointing for companies spending money on advertising.


Instagram, a microblog for pictures and videos with about 1.21 billion active users on a monthly basis, has become one of the most widely used social networks today. Facebook allows users to upload both photos and videos, but Instagram stands out because it is primarily a photo-sharing app.


Through quality content and well-considered techniques, Instagram does a great job of reaching target audiences. Additionally, Instagram Stories, which was introduced in 2016 and allows users to submit images and brief videos, gives your business the opportunity to stand out from the competition.

In order to sell their goods and services, companies have been contacting influencers for product endorsements and product reviews that are captured by these influencers.

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The biggest benefit of Instagram could also be viewed as a drawback. You are only able to provide a few brief movies and photographs to support your post. The lack of support for links in captions on Instagram is one of its most worrying features. A link would need to be copied and pasted into the user’s browser, which not many people are eager to do.


YouTube fares better than Facebook in terms of usage by adults just within the US. It is used by 73% of US adults, and 38% of all those users say they log in frequently. With 91% of users in this age group, YouTube has the largest age demographic. YouTube is also frequently used by those between the ages of 30-49 and 13–17 (87% and 85%, respectively).


YouTube is owned by Google, therefore publishing your adverts there may improve your SEO rankings. Videos have a greater conversion rate than text-based material and are more likely to be seen than read.


The creation of content on YouTube requires time. In addition to filming the video, cutting, posting, and optimizing everything including the title caption, thumbnail, and hashtags all seem to be crucial to curate and take a lot of work to get right, as seen by a platform for social media comparison.


Twitter has established itself as a trustworthy marketing platform. Both large corporations and small businesses open profiles on the platform, which has over 396 million users, half of whom are active, in order to connect with their target audiences and potential customers.

Twitter can be a useful tool for connecting with potential customers and clients because of its high post frequency and real-time posting. One advantage is the capacity to share links, photos, and videos even with the 140-character restriction.


The “@” character allows users to be addressed personally, which adds a touch of personalization to interactions with potential customers. Single posts can be tagged with a hashtag (#) to be associated with particular subjects.

The attention of your followers can be greatly increased by including links, videos, and images in your tweets. The Twitter Ads functionality also raises the profile of your company through sponsored tweets and profiles.

Since Twitter operates in real-time, its users are expected to post frequently and respond quickly to breaking news.


Twitter has shown to be a successful social media medium, but the ease of customer and business feedback can be a drawback. Twitter is a popular platform for people to express their annoyance with a business, its goods, or its services.

The reputation of your company could be made or broken by these tweets. The platform is also extremely time-sensitive. Your tweets will be more effective if you tweet at the proper time and follow the right trends. Otherwise, it will be simple to miss your posts.


Over 360 million people use Pinterest, and about 70% of them are women, though the gender gap has been closing this year. Users visit the platform to hunt for inspiration for themes related to fashion, leisure, and travel. Many users use it as a sort of inspiration board.

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In terms of social media platforms, Pinterest has a relatively high conversion rate. 50% of users claim to have bought something after seeing it on Pinterest. The Pinterest algorithm enables pins to persist for a very long time, unlike other networks.


Similar to Instagram, Pinterest emphasizes visual content. Pinterest has a fair niche following, despite recently adding videos. Organizing content for Pinterest could take too much time, and if your topic does not appeal to your audience, it might not be worthwhile.


The preferred networking platform for professionals worldwide is LinkedIn. There are already 875 million persons using it globally. Professionals may expand their networks, connect with users in their network, and share business knowledge and information.

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Users can advance in their jobs by learning new skills and taking advantage of all the opportunities LinkedIn has to offer.


Since professionals prefer LinkedIn, having a profile may create trust rapidly. Clients and customers can make recommendations regarding the company’s culture and potential services.


Although it is free to sign up with LinkedIn, some of its most useful services are pricey – obtaining more specific data about users, such as their contact information or email.


A relatively recent competitor inside the social media arena is this app. Its four-year popularity surge has resulted in an estimated 755 million monthly active users.

The most regular users are teenagers and young adults, who log on an average of slightly under an hour every day; 90% of users use the app more than once every day.


The main benefit of TikTok is that it encourages user creativity, which can turn your movies into more interesting ones to viewers. Fresh users have an advantage thanks to TikTok’s algorithm, which also gives new content some precedence in the feed.

Due to its availability in over 150 countries and 75 languages, TikTok is a terrific platform for businesses wishing to go internationally.


TikTok can be difficult to use for business promotion because of the type of content that is posted there. By failing to match the interests of your audience, you run the risk of unintentionally branding your company as unprofessional.

That raises the question of whether or not Tiktok is appropriate for professional content. We think yes but not as the primary social media platform for such a purpose…

Social Media Platforms That Are Considered Underrated Marketing-Wise

There are a few underappreciated social media platforms that have a lot of potentials and might provide a promising customer base in addition to the leading heavyweights in the platforms battle: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Four underutilized social media sites are described below; one found itself on this list but also on the list of the most popular ones, and it is Pinterest.

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Quora, a Q&A-based platform, was established in June 2009. It presents itself as a place where people may learn and experience different viewpoints.

Quora had more than 300 million active users as of 2022 and that number rose from 190 million in 2019. This can help your marketing strategy and increase the likelihood that these users will see it.


Pinterest is one of the most neglected tools for social media marketing available, despite lately garnering more traction over the past two years.

This dynamic platform, which emphasizes curating and aesthetics, might provide your promotional campaign an advantage. Your odds of success rise when you use captivating headlines and visuals that complement your brand.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook is very well-liked and consequently has a large number of users, but despite this popularity and abundance of business functions, Facebook Messenger is frequently disregarded as a marketing tool.

This platform, which was created in 2011, enables you to develop close relationships with both existing and new customers. Facebook Messenger is a great tool for generating leads and converting them because it enables you to target your desired demographic and market.


Reddit, like Quora, relies on users’ natural curiosity. On a discussion forum platform, users from all over the world discuss a range of topics, including social news, popular debates, and even niche hobbies. Texts, pictures, links, and videos can all be included as content.

Without really offering your services, you can increase brand influence using this platform. Participating in discussions about your industry can draw in new followers and clients.

Engaging and thought-provoking information can start discussions in the appropriate online group or subreddit.


These are a few of the most popular (but also underrated) social media channels you may utilize to promote your company. You can employ any of these tools in accordance with your requirements, your business objectives, and the industry you want to target.


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