Technology5 Must-Have Apps For Moms

5 Must-Have Apps For Moms

Mothers are too busy to keep all essential things in their heads, especially when being tired. Luckily, modern technologies allow them to manage many duties thanks to apps.

Mommies can forget everything at home except for their smartphones. Consequently, handy apps will always be with them.

Below, you can find the top five apps for iOS and Android to help mommies be on their toes in unpredictable or difficult situations.  

#1. Trekaroo

Children adore entertainment, so mothers need help finding cool places nearby. Trekaroo is the thing you need to find hotels, cafes, restaurants, and fun activities for your child.

You can do it at home or on your way to some destinations. Just imagine how comfortable it is to stay in an unknown city but be aware of the places where your child can have fun.

Each destination has reviews from other parents, so mothers can consider all the pros and cons before driving their children to a city mall or a cafe. The search tools allow you to find the place depending on the following categories:

  • approximate age of children who might enjoy the place
  • rating from other parents
  • cost of food and entertaining activities
  • location 

Finding the way from your spot to the destination is easy due to the navigation system.

Besides, if you stay in a foreign town, you can book a hotel using this app thanks to its partnership with The app is free and compatible with iOS devices.

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#2. Playground Buddy

Playgrounds are the best places to entertain children. Swings, slides, cars, trains, and other things attract kids so much that it is hard to get them out of there.

It is an excellent opportunity for a kid to find friends and have fun independently.

For a mom, it is a chance to rest by scrolling through Instagram, calling her friends, reading a book in the fresh air, or just having a cup of hot coffee.

Besides, other moms also choose playgrounds for their kids’ fun, so mothers can become friends or at least discuss everyday things. 

Playground Buddy is the best free app for finding playgrounds nearby. It works on iOS and Android.

Due to it, moms can see the view of the streets and directions, save favorite places, and share impressions with others, even if other parents don’t have this app.

If your favorite playground is out of the list, you can add it to let others enjoy it as well.

#3. Baby Connect

Have you ever forgotten what side you used to feed your baby? Do you feel so exhausted from restless nights that you don’t remember the number of feedings?

If your answers are “yes,” Baby Connect is the app that will help you track essential parts of your baby’s life.

For example, babies should eat baby formula three to eight times a day at age-assigned intervals. Baby Connect lets mothers monitor vital things related to the daily life of their babies. 

Thanks to this app, a mother can track such things as:

  • the number of changed diapers
  • time for left or right breast for breastfeeding mothers
  • the quantity of baby formula and the frequency of feedings
  • baby’s sleep and mood changes
  • history of diseases and treatments
  • weight and height gain

Due to that, mothers can compare the physical development of their kids with international standards.

Unlike other apps, this one requires fees from $4.99 to $8.99, but it is worth each penny.

Besides, it’s compatible with both Android and iOS, and one can sync it with other devices. 

#4. Artkive

Children are very creative and want their mothers to save all the created pieces of art. Unfortunately, it’s usually hard to find space for all the drawings, paintings, and DIY things.

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Moreover, many things become shabby with time. Arktive is a free tool for iOS and Android devices that helps to save all your child’s creations. 

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Mothers should take pictures of their kid’s art and save them in the app. Afterward, they can add the following details to each photo:

  • grade
  • age
  • name
  • title
  • date

Mothers can share pictures with others due to precise tags. Parents can also print photos to create an album of the best works.

#5. Waze

This cost-free app is useful for mothers who usually commute with their children in the backseat.

Traveling to other cities becomes problematic when traffic jams or car accidents occur.

Children usually negatively react to such obstacles and start crying and annoying moms with endless questions and demands.

Isn’t it better to learn about such problems in advance? Mothers can use Android and iOS devices to find the safest way to the required place.

Moreover, it shows the nearest and cheapest gas stations, which is favorable for mothers who want to save.


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