If you’re running a small business, there’s a one in three chance that you’re already using social media in your work and are seeing its positive impact.

A survey of 269 companies conducted by Daryl Willcox Publishing found that more than half (54%) used social media – and 35% of these said they posted updates every day to platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. A quarter of companies updated every few days, while 17% used social media platforms weekly.

Almost three quarters of the companies experimenting with social media claimed they used LinkedIn (73%) the most, compared to Facebook (64%) and Twitter (63%).

Sixty per cent of respondents said social media was having a positive impact on their business. Forty-six per cent reported an increase in brand awareness and 36% said they had attracted new customers.

Although the respondent sample size is small (269 companies); I believe these findings are pretty accurate, based on what I’m seeing among clients. People running small businesses are taking up social media like gangbusters and are using it in marketing, prospecting, public relations and recruitment.

The survey also revealed that of those who did not reach customers via social media, more than a third (35%) blamed a lack of time, 31% said their customers didn’t use it while 24% didn’t understand it.

All these objections can be true, but with time, even these holdouts will embrace social media in step with their customers, if they want to remain viable.