When developing your website and your overall business presence online, there are really only two main pathways you can travel. The first, and the most obvious, is the path most taken. This is the path full off of those little back alleys and dirt roads where everything is sloppy and bumpy.

The dust is constantly spiraling through the air because everyone’s rushing down it, thinking they’ll get to their destination quicker. The second path, the clean, smooth, longer way around, is the path of professionalism. In short, the latter path is the path you travel to set up a real business.

Take a break from this article for 30 seconds and go Google a weight-loss product. Look for the top 5 results of products from non-national brands. You will find in the top 5 results at least 2 different products that are exactly the same, and you will find at least 3 websites that are so poorly constructed, using language that is so overused, that you would be surprised how they could even sell.

Well, don’t worry. If you do that search again in another month, you will find different results. Their money will run out and their business will fizzle out. Garbage naturally settles to the bottom. This is exactly why you need to recognize a real online business and avoid using the same old drivel to attempt to sell your brand and your products.

Conveying usefulness

If you have a new type of laundry detergent, how would you push it on people who already use laundry detergent? You couldn’t just say “This is better” and expect people to believe it. That’s not how you convey usefulness. You can’t scream it at them and load up the screen with fake testimonials from people who haven’t used it.

That is also not conveying usefulness. You need to be assertive and convincing, using real results gained from your product. You need to show the benefits of your product in a constructive way that allows the reader to discover how great it is instead of being forced to believe it.

Selling a need

The only people who are ever going to purchase your product are people who need your product. That’s not entirely true at all, but that’s the standard you have to use in order to deliver the value of the need. To that end, you have to remember that it’s not about colorful prose and using subliminal tricks of wording to fool people into believing they need what you’re selling.

You have to demonstrate effectiveness and illustrate how the their problem (their need) is solved by your solution (your product). That, you will find, isn’t done with the spam you see online in bold, colorful letters. That is done subtly and, as we’ll speak about below, professionally.

Speaking professionally

Speaking professionally is all about how your text comes across to your potential customer. Not only your style of font and its size and color, although that is important, but also the tone you take. You can’t scream at someone that they need your product and that they must buy it now, driving the point home with a dozen exclamation points at the end. You instead need to speak intelligently, using proper punctuation, and attempting to stand out as a reputable, sophisticated brand.

This article doesn’t go into immense detail about spam and about professionalism, as the two are extremely obvious. We have all seen those spammy sites trying to scream sales into existence. And we have all seen those professional sites that do well. Be the latter. Make the effort to be professional.