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/Oracle Launches MySQL Cluster 7.1/

This week software giant Oracle announced version 7.1 of its MySQL technology, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to the database software. There has been speculation and anxiety over the future of the open source-founded technology, ever since Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems, but this new version cements Oracle’s investment in MySQL.

Version 7.1 of the popular database software brings in a new cluster manager component. It is this aspect that Oracle has focussed on. Company spokespeople said that the component “simplifies and automates the management of the MySQL Cluster database, enabling database administrators to respond quickly to changing market conditions and stringent service level agreements.”

As well as this, Oracle has announced that it is also providing a new MySQL Cluster Connector for Java, to “help accelerate development cycles and time to market, and enabling higher throughput and lower latency for Java-based services.”

Over on The Register, Gavin Clarke claims that the presentation given by MySQL founder Michael Widenius and MySQL architect Brian Aker at the MySQL Conference in Santa Clara threw a spanner in Oracle’s works. The pair contested that MySQL, founded and developed by the open source community, should not be the property of a single organisation, but the pairs’ words were ineffective; Oracle acquired MySQL along with Sun in January, and these views are outdated and counterproductive.

Rebuffing this view was the speech given by Oracle chief software architect Edward Screven the day before at the same event. Screven said that Oracle will provide projects to tie MySQL into Oracle’s software fabric and management products, reassuring MySQL users that they will not be left out in the cold. Oracle expects a boost in database sales thanks to MySQL, and may even topple Microsoft as the main provider of database products. More importantly, Screven pointed out that users of the database will now find their information is safer now that Oracle can offer them a single, integrated and supported stack.

I recognise the value of the open source community to software development. MySQL has been a triumph of the open source community, but now is the time to move on; under Oracle’s guidance, MySQL can go further than ever before and provide better functionality to users than they had imagined.