For those who don’t know about OpenPayd, it’s the latest online banking app designed to make transactions and finance management more straightforward than ever. The owner of the company, Ozan Ozerk, came up with the app to allow businesses to expand to international markets and grow at steady rates.

The latest financial solution is possible only because of the banking experts behind it. The ever-expanding team has recently welcomed Lisa Johansen as the new Chief Compliance Officer and MLRO. OpenPayd is more than happy to welcome such a capable person to their team.

OpenPayd Team Gets A Significant Boost

Lisa Johansen is just what the company needed to improve its features further. She has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Throughout her career, Lisa worked across five different jurisdictions, and she helped manage businesses such as Paysafe and Travelex.

OpenPayd has been released only recently, and it’s already showing some significant benefits over most other online payment options. With Lisa assuming the position of Chief Compliance Officer And MRLO, the app is expected to expand further into the global market. Her expertise in compliance framework and extensive management skills will make a huge difference for the app.

Ozan Ozerk is thrilled to introduce Lisa to the team because of her spotless reputation and professionalism. Her knowledge will be the key that will make this app the leading financial management app in the world. Her meticulous work ethic and outstanding familiarity with financial systems will ensure that the app works according to all governance requirements.

Perfect Timing

OpenPayd’s CEO, Iana Dimitrova, says that Lisa’s timing is just perfect. She joined the company at a critical moment, as the financial sector faces heavy scrutiny. With so many unsafe and mediocre payment apps on the market, she is just what the company needs to offer clients a working solution to their financial difficulties.

Here’s what Iana said about the current situation: “Good governance and conduct are essential for the trust of our customers, regulators, and partners at OpenPayd. With her extensive experience and outstanding professional ethics, Lisa will strengthen the leadership team in the continuous enhancement of the OpenPayd corporate compliance, governance, and culture.”

Lisa’s 20-year career taught her that most financial systems are full of holes and potential issues that could cause substantial financial problems. Things get even more complicated when new technologies are brought to the table, as businesses and governments struggle to keep up. One of the reasons why she joined OpenPayd is because she sees it as a viable option for the future of banking.

Here’s what Lisa says about joining the team at OpenPayd: “I am happy to be joining the OpenPayd team at this exciting time of fast-paced growth and expansion. OpenPayd truly solves a problem in the banking and payments space through its advanced technology and broad geographical reach. I look forward to enabling our customers’ growth through good compliance practices.”

A Chance to Make A Difference

Many businesses face complicated banking problems from day one. The bureaucracy in certain parts of the world can be a complete nightmare. With slow reaction times from the governments, poor banking solutions, and ongoing taxes, businesses everywhere struggle to grow at a steady pace. That goes double for startups and small companies, as they have to compete with corporations that hold most of the markets.

By providing users with an optimized platform that connects multiple banking and payment infrastructures into one, OpenPayd allows faster growth and simpler payment processing.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The platform is designed to help users conduct business and process payments as soon as they are made while simultaneously reducing banking services’ overall costs. That means that clients won’t have to lose money when transferring funds from one bank account to another. The app enables a simple connection that allows direct money transfers both locally and internationally using multiple international payment networks such as BACS, Faster Payments, SEPA, ACH, and Swift.

It also allows direct conversions of many different currencies. As the list of partners keeps growing, so do the challenges to keep everything running smoothly.

Lisa’s Expertise Is the Key

Lisa has over 20 years of experience in the financial service industry. She has encountered many different problems during that time, and her impressive client list helped her gain valuable insights into how the system works.

Today, she has a chance to use that knowledge to make an impact. By combining her experience with the existing OpenPayd app (which already made the top 150 cross-border companies in the world list), Fintech is sure that the app will soon become the go-to solution for millions of users all over the globe. She is just what the team needed to improve the app further and expand to the international markets.

Financial systems are very complicated, and companies face many different problems regarding international financial management and compliance. Lisa’s work will help simplify the process for every user, no matter where they come from. OpenPayd was thought to be impossible to pull off, but Ozan Ozerk’s keen eye for talents already seemed to complete the impossible.

Lisa’s addition to the team will prove that a single integration can offer multiple solutions to companies worldwide. Once her experience becomes a part of OpenPayd, the rest of the world will want to become a part of this new, simplified finance management solution.

The Future Belongs to the Brave

It doesn’t take an expert to see that the current state of financial systems isn’t enough to cope with international markets’ needs. Changes have to be made to help companies conduct business more efficiently, without losing time and resources on finance management.

OpenPayd is a pioneer of single integration finance management technologies, and it will soon set the bar for all others to follow. The future belongs to the brave, and nothing will stop OpenPayd from becoming the best solution for growing businesses.