VMware may be the market leader but Oracle believes it has a desktop to server virtualisation strategy that is a more rounded suite. Oracle, like VMware, plan to offer IT as a service (ITaaS). This is due to the expectation from companies going forward to have capacity on demand. Datacentres are becoming service centres (fixed locations cannot work in a virtual world).

‘The number one reason why people use virtualisation is for server consolidation. Most people do not deploy their most critical applications in a virtualisation environment…’ Said Edward Screven, chief corporate architect at Oracle, at the end of last month. Mission-critical applications will be supported, say Oracle, with the expansion of virtualisation, and ITaaS.

Oracle can provide a business with storage, desktop and storage virtualisation, following their Sun acquisition. Screven added that Oracle wants applications to be pre-assembled for virtualisation. VM Templates are a new development from Oracle that provide a preconfigured virtual machine to be deployed directly into a company’s virtual environment, thus aiding the IT team.

‘Our overall strategy is to provide full support for virtualisation from application to disk, so customers can choose everything they need for their IT environment from Oracle.’

Oracle are certainly throwing their knowledge into the virtual world – and with such a big change to the way IT will work it can only be a good thing to have confidence in the support behind your team.