Every week brings more tech updates from Oracle, and this week is no exception. Firstly, there was the release of Oracle VM VirtualBox 3.2.6. The open source desktop virtualisation application for x86 hardware update includes over 20 bug fixes, and plenty of shiny new changes from the 3.2.4 version released earlier in June.

Those updates include OpenGL 3D support for 32-bit applications on 64-bit Windows guests, support for 64-bit SMP guests on 32-bit hosts (VT-x and AMD-V only) and guest control execution fixes for Solaris systems. As well as this, there are compatibility updates for Mac OX X server guests, better SATA performance, fixes for many Virtual Box 3.2.0 regressions, and better command line parsing of the installer on Windows systems.

At the same time, Oracle has announced the integration of Oracle(R) Transportation Management 6.1 with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseONe 9.0. Oracle Transportation Management 6.1 is the company’s best-in-class logistics and transportation management software, and the integration just makes the product even more functional. JD Edwards Enterprise 9.0, combined with Transportation Management allows users to use the advantage of a single platform that is designed to lower transportation costs, drive service levels higher and reduce operational inefficiencies.

How? Well, the integrated platform optimises shipment planning and load conversion, as well as automating manual processes such as freight payment, making many business processes simpler and reducing the risk of human errors or system glitches. Additionally, the new integrated products support collaborative decision-making by improving visibility across the supply chain, making it easier to spot problems with your supply chain before they arise and nip them in the bud.