MySQL Enterprise Edition 5.5 promises improved performance, and easy-to-use and comprehensive management tools. The new additions to MySQL include MySQL Enterprise Backup and MySQL Workbench, and an improved MySQL Enterprise Monitor – the standard database, monitoring, back up, design tools and faithful customer support, of course, are still part of the package.

“With the enhancements to MySQL Enterprise Monitor and MySQL Enterprise Backup, along with streamlined, global support, database administrators and developers can speed their MySQL deployments while reducing total cost of ownership.” Said Tomas Ulin, vice president of engineering at Oracle.

Whilst support has improved, there is also integration with MyOracle Support, which could well prove to be a lure for users of other systems (SQL Server and Linux systems), particularly as the MyOracle Support feature covers training and teaching materials.

“The latest enhancements in MySQL Enterprise Edition underscore Oracle’s commitment to helping customers be successful with the world’s most popular open-source database.” Said Ulin. Such updates may help prove Oracle’s belief in the open-source community.