At this year’s EclipseCon in California, Oracle’s Steve Harris and former Sun Microsystems’ vice president Jeet Kaul gave a double-header presentation on the future of Java.

The acquisition of Sun by Oracle early this year provoked huge anxiety in Sun users, who feared that their systems would be put on the back-burner. Yesterday’s performance from Harris and Kaul was another affirmation that business will continue as usual, and, even better, improve in future.

In an abstract from the keynote speech, users are assured that “apocalyptic anxiety” over Java “is giving way to rational optimism,” and that “there is profound opportunity in the passing of the Java torch.”

Harris stressed the significance of Java to Oracle, saying: “Java is certainly the crown jewels of this acquisition.

“It brings together a tremendous base of developers and a tremendous community, and it’s incredibly important to our business.”

Meanwhile Kaul, who is now vice president of Oracle’s client software development group, emphasised the future growth of the Java community. He said:

“Developers are the lifeblood of Java. Nine million developers are using Java, and we want to grow that community.

“And how do you grow that community? We have to make sure that Java is available in as many places as possible and we want it to be a competitive platform.

“We also want to adapt to change. That’s an important part of the exercise, being able to widen a sustainable platform drives a whole lot of business. We need to be flexible to make changes.”

Rounding things off, Kaul also stressed the need for user feedback, harking back to the Sun ethos.

“Come in and engage with us,” he said, “We need you to push us. We want to bottle that kind of industry excitement that was there at the beginning of Java. We want to bring all of that feeling back again.”