SAP may have thought it was all over – but no, according to recent reports, Oracle is demanding interest. SAP had wanted to appeal, Oracle on the other hand want another $212 m.

The court had given SAP a bill totaling $1.3bn (£825m) in November at the end of the TomorrowNow legal battle. SAP voiced their disappointment at having to compensate Oracle with such a large amount of money. Hence, their appeal thoughts. SAP always believed it had handled the situation well – but this did not seem to make any difference to the outcome.

“The mark of a leading company is the way it handles its mistakes,” SAP said “As stated in court, we regret the actions of TomorrowNow, we have accepted liability, and have been willing to fairly compensate Oracle.”

So with this latest twist the case appears far from closed. Oracle’s interest demand would bring the total up to 1.63bn – a far cry from SAP’s request that the fines do not go beyond $40m.

SAP’s statement was simple. “We don’t believe that Oracle is entitled to any additional compensation beyond the final judgment in this case.” Now it’s down to the judge, could SAP be wrong again?