The SAP Rapid deployment tools come straight out of the box and can reach to the cloud – or just as easily stay put’ on-premise if need be. The software was released earlier this month targeting sales, marketing, procurement, and call centre operations.

The pre-defined services available with this software (aimed at smaller businesses) come at a fixed price and keep administration and setup simple.

Robert Viehmann, senior vice president of solution assembly and packaging at SAP explained. “With SAP Rapid Deployment solutions, we understand our customers’ need to quickly turn their requirements into a portfolio of tangible offerings that drive continuous value.”

Releases include SAP CRM for Sales, which connects sales employees to opportunities and allows the firm to track development. SAP CRM for Service focuses on pleasing the customer, whilst CRM for Marketing is all about the sales teams keeping on top of leads and campaigns.

There will be further releases in 2011 – which should keep smaller businesses sated. SAP gives them the tools in a box. And what they see is what they get. No hidden extras, no future worries. Robert Viehmann clarifies the point.

“Customers now have a tried-and-tested, low-cost way to quickly address their most pressing business demands without making compromises in terms of adding new features as needs evolve.”