It will not be long until the Millennial generation dominates the workplace. And consequently, their spending power will also increase. Accenture has predicted that Gen Y will represent 30% of total retail sales by 2020. That, the organisation says, means that businesses that want to capitalise on the growing Millennial market must provide a seamless retail experience from start to finish.

Unlike the generations before them, tech-savvy Millennials expect more from their interactions with the companies they purchase from. They have grown to expect the flexibility to communicate via the channel with which they’re most comfortable, whether that be a phone call, social media or web chat.

With all this considered, you can see how companies that fail to optimise their business phone systems stand to lose out on opportunities in this highly sought-after demographic. There are a number of ways you can optimise your business phone systems to meet – and exceed – the Millennials’ high expectations.

Create A Single Conversation

Gen Y wants a fast, seamless and memorable experience when buying items online. If they experience a problem while on your site, they expect a quick staff response to help them reach a solution. They will often go straight to an online chat facility with any issues, and if they need to further their discussion on the phone, they expect to be able to pick up where they left off on the website. One method of improving this experience for your customers is to organise your teams to serve customers on an end-to-end basis. Business can do this easily by utilising a business phone system that supports flexible teams.

Create A Connection

Another key buyer attribute of Millennials – even more than other buyer demographics – is that they like to do business with those who make them feel comfortable and welcome. By integrating a CRM application with your VoIP phone system, your employees are equipped with all essential information about a customer, allowing them to provide a highly personalised interaction. Focus on maintaining a customer-focussed experience and the Millennials will keep coming back.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Millennials are no strangers to smartphones and social media. In fact, a Pew Research Center survey found at least 86 percent of all Millennials have a smartphone. Integrating a multi-channel contact centre provides a frictionless communication experience for customers, offering them even more ways to connect.

Continual Improvements

With measurement tools integrated into your phone system, it is really straightforward for you to monitor and analyse call data. Looking back at past data, you can assess your team’s performance and make any necessary changes in continually improve the customer experience. There’s all sorts of useful information to track.

  • How long does it take to resolve a customer issue?
  • How many times do calls get transferred?
  • How well did a sales rep interact with a customer?

These are all questions you might want to answer when attempting to optimise your phone systems. Make whatever changes you need to provide a smoother, quicker and easier experience for customers.