The Internet is staggering: Every second there are 968 Instagram photos or videos uploaded, 1,411 Skype calls placed, 43,475 Google searches and 2,100,000 emails sent. Technology is getting bigger every day as more content is uploaded and more users join the World Wide Web.

Although this rapid growth offers more opportunities for businesses, it’s also harder than ever for them to connect with end users. This is especially challenging for service providers, who must figure out how to benefit from all of these opportunities on behalf of their clients.

Despite this challenge, these types of interactions open up a wealth of opportunity for businesses. Accessing technology anywhere, anytime is no longer just a requirement – it’s an expectation. Technology services must make lives easier and innovate with new ideas.

The commercialisation and accessibility of technology means that end users increasingly hold both the knowledge and the power. The customer is once again king and the end user has never been more valuable. As a result, brands are continuing to increase efforts to become integrated with the lives of their customers.

So how can the service provider community keep up with the customer empowerment the Internet has created and how can they advise clients of the benefits?

  1.  Demystify The Cloud

Without proper education the cloud becomes a frightening unknown. Educating companies on it should be a top priority, even if these platforms are outside the traditional network.

  1.  Find Security In Separation

By using multiple vendors risk can be reduced because you are not solely reliant on one company’s success. Within any solution what are your clients’ hierarchy of need? How do your solutions meet these varying needs whilst maintaining a freedom of flexibility?

  1.  Focus On Infrastructure-As-A-Service Adoption

If your clients understand the cloud and realise that the safest strategy is to use multiple vendors then an Infrastructure as a Service model could work well. Work to provide education to the market and a clearly defined service model to your clients.

  1.  Put Whole Solutions At The Core

Thinking holistically will help prevent you from working in silos. Build a greater knowledge of your clients’ end to end requirements and solutions, even if this knowledge is outside of core competencies. Wider awareness will lead to greater innovation through collaboration.

  1.  Understand The Value Of Internet Performance

Internet performance is more than simply providing resilience and a high-speed network. It is about working with customers to gain increased commercial and operational leverage, while ensuring the delivery of content and a better end user experience to their customers. Do you think about Internet performance?

  1.  Create Communities

Create partnerships with your peers as well as your clients. By creating greater value for clients as an industry group the whole tech community will benefit.

The Internet continues to grow and there’s no slowing it down. We are entering the golden era of technology innovation where not only will end users be able to leverage web facing products but enterprises and small businesses will be able to maximise back end infrastructure, making front end technology even better. If businesses can unite as a community, exchange ideas and share knowledge, the Internet’s potential is limitless.