Ever wonder which technology companies have the most to say about themselves? If so, you’ll find a new industry ranking published by RealWire, the UK newswire service, the PRFilter technology PR Rankings to be of interest.

It’s an analysis of technology brands, topics and products that are mentioned the most in the tens of thousands of news releases from multiple aggregated sources that PRFilter indexes each month.

February 2011 trends:

  • Microsoft, Facebook and Verizon were the top three most referenced technology brands
  • cloud related technologies, websites and wireless were the top three most referenced technology topics with iPhone and iPad the top ranking products
  • only 21 (11%) of the 190 prominent mentions of Microsoft related to Microsoft news releases
  • mentions of Microsoft and Facebook were around twice the number of Apple (ranked 5th)
  • releases mentioning “cloud” technologies were more than twice as frequent as those referencing “social media”, however this was down from three times as frequent in January
  • iPad-related releases were down 37% perhaps reflecting a calm before March’s iPad2 storm
  • significant increases in mentions of telecoms brands e.g. Ericsson, Nokia and ZTE and technologies e.g. LTE and NFC, reflecting the hosting of Mobile World Congress during the month

To be included, the brands, topics or products have to be mentioned prominently within a release by appearing near the start of the story and appearing more than once.

The whole idea behind the ranking is help PR practitionners see their own news releases in context in the hopes that they will produce more useful, newsworthy announcements. I’m not sure how effective it will be in this cause, but the PRFilter is a useful tool in its own right. It allows anyone to search for relevant news releases from the thousands it indexes each day.

I’ve used the PRFilter tool a few times myself and find it to be useful both as a blogger looking to cover stories that are outside the mainstream and as a PR practionner checking out what’s new in clients’ industries.