Online task management has a bit of a rocky ride and some of the earlier pioneers have bitten the dust leaving Remember The Milk as the sector leader. That domination is about to be challenged by Producteev and I am confident in saying that this service will not curl up its little toes and die.

One of the reasons is that it has about every possible configuration I can think of to work the way you want. How you input tasks, assign them, tag them, schedule them, link them with your Google calendar and receive notification can be tailored to meet your needs. Oh and yes, there’s an iPhone app for it,too!

Because the configuration possibilities are so vast I will just touch on the very basics and recommend strongly that you look at how it works for yourself.

Inputting tasks can be done in a manner of ways including manual input via the web interface or via email. Typing the task into the submissions box is a is a no brainer, it’s just so simple as you would expect but that’s where the simplicity ends. You can also assign that task to other individuals, add a note for further explanations, schedule it, add a file, change the privacy settings and add a label for easy filtering later on.

The task can also be added to Gmail and Google Calendar and there is perfect synchronisation with the latter in that if you change the time in Google Calendar it also changes it back in the Producteev dashboard.

Once a task has been established you can work further with it by ticking the checkbox next to the task and this brings up a menu box, left, that allows you to star the task, un-star it, mark complete, assign it to someone else, add a label.delete it or move it to another workspace.

You can also email the task to your Producteev dashboard simply by sending it to from the email account you registered with. The system recognises your email address and directs it to your inbox. I haven’t yet worked out whether you can use the facility as in Remember The Milk where you can use smart terms to assign tasks to specific days, ie Submit report to Liz Friday 5pm” and it will automatically schedule it for you.

Producteev works with the online tools that you use such as IM, ICQ, Facebook, Yahoo, AIM etc to let you add tasks, set deadlines, upload files, and more remotely; review and sort remotely added tasks in you Producteev inbox; instantly add tasks, set deadlines, upload files, and more remotely

Other facilities are:

  • Multiple Team SupportManage multiple teams with Producteev using simple, built-in features. Easily use different privacy settings and add different team members and other settings for each project–work, side projects, a degree program, your family celebrations, or anything else you need to keep track of.
  • Filters and ReportsEasily generate useful reports on project and team activity. For example, get a weekly email with a summary of your team’s achievements.
  • Email DigestsGet your daily / weekly activity at the end of every day, and see what’s on your plate tomorrow
  • Hot TasksWondering what to do next? The intelligent Hot Tasks algorithm automatically prioritizes your tasks and makes suggestions about what to do first.

There is a wide and cost effective price tags ranging from the free account which allows up to three users but with limited facilities to the top of the range gold business account which allows up to 40 users for 489 a month. See the full tariff range here.

In the UK we have a quaint little saying “dog’s bollocks” – or mutt’s nuts if you want to be polite – which means truly excellent and this phrase can be applied to Producteev which I can see going from strength to strength.