Artificial intelligence has its spread everywhere these days and has been impacting every walk of life in the past decade. These days when we are surrounded by tons of gadgets and devices, there is an increasing role that artificial intelligence has to play. People have feared artificial intelligence right since its inception. Movies have in the past portrayed AI as a demonic character. Many people have equated AI with a major threat to human existence. So where does all this fuss about AI lead to?

In this light, it is worth discussing some of the pros and cons of artificial intelligence in the digital era and the role it has to play in the years to come.


Handle A Variety Of Monotonous Tasks

Machines don’t get bored while humans do, so it’s a good way that human can spend their time on more creative things while machines could take care of boring and humdrum tasks. Since they allow a more complex level of automation which results in getting the task done more productively.

Decisions And Actions Come Faster

Artificial intelligence along with cognitive technologies helps to take up decisions that are faster in areas like fraud detection, scheduling, and host of other tasks involving the role of computer-based tasks. A number of permutations help to deliver the most accurate result for every business.

Processing With No Room For Error

Computers not only don’t make mistakes but they are accurate at work as well. They process data at very high speeds and also don’t make mistakes while processing. They can only make mistakes if they are not programmed properly. Software these days have such an amazing user interface that it’s a pleasure working on them. For example in the field on online E-learning, an LMS software selection could provide you with a host of software options that are AI enabled so that your business runs smoothly.

Saves A Lot Of Costs

In any business, it is important to save cost and maximize the return on investment. The use of AI would help in saving a lot of money in the long run and businesses could run more profitably and productively. It helps save cost as businesses have to spend less on salaries and keep few employees.

Quality Research Outcomes

The prediction levels of AI are better as they have improved prediction and forecast analysis that are employed in a variety of field including medical diagnosing and oil exploration. They are even used for risk prediction of businesses and make suitable decisions

Quick Programmable Learning

Artificial intelligence can take up data at a rapid pace and derive data much faster than a human could possibly do. Also, faster learning means less time consumed and results at a much faster rate. The artificial neural networks have a faster absorption rate than any human can think of.


Eliminate Many Jobs

Artificial intelligence will lead to people who are less skilled lose their jobs. This is quite evident in the assembly lines as robots using AI capabilities have already replaced human manpower, and people have been given pink slips. Driverless cars with AI will replace so many drivers but will also cause accidents in the future.

Disaster If Algorithms Go Wrong

The algorithms on which AI functions are man-made. It is hard to imagine that these algo’s could go wrong in any way. But what if they are not checked, and something goes wrong. It will end in a disaster. An AI driven car could go on killing people, and it would be difficult to stop anything like that.

Finally, AI is here to stay as it has many pros over some cons. They have impacted our lives more in a positive way and has eased human life in a great way. The only thing that needs to be taken care of are the potential threats.