Today Proxyclick launched two new modules to help companies inventorise equipment and track maintenance. New and existing modules allow employees to participate in the Facility Management process. 30.000 transactions handled monthly across Europe.

Proxyclick, provider of applications that simplify office life, has built the very first Facility Management (FM) business community in the Cloud where employees, FM teams, Property Managers and sub-contractors collaborate on a shared platform. This unique solution tackles the growing challenges of decentralised company structures and the multiplicity of contributors.

In addition, Proxyclick is now launching both Asset Management for companies to inventorise equipment and Service Desk to manage their planned and unplanned technical maintenance. Modules are combined with e-mail alerts, thus allowing better and faster communication and standardised monitoring.

Proxyclick lies at the crossroad of two transforming industries: FM and IT. One of the FM industry key challenges is to provide a mobile, flexible and collaborative working environment.At the same time traditional enterprise software is progressively being replaced by web-based applications.

According to a global survey of 600 executives conducted by Regus, the global workplace provider and Unwired Ventures, 71% of those surveyed believe that younger workers, the millennials and the generation still at school, will be more accepting of virtual working and will reject the traditional office.

Geoffroy De Cooman, who joined Proxyclick to manage Operations and Product Development said: “I am delighted to have joined this fast-growing company and I am pleased to announce that Proxyclick just reached the 30.000 transactions per month milestone. The objective is to continue doubling volume every year.”Before joining Proxyclick, Geoffroy worked at The Boston Consulting Group where he was a Senior Manager. He holds an MBA from INSEAD (France and Singapore).