If you want all the benefits of an open cloud computing platform but none of the possible security headaches you might be tempted to wander over to Rackspace which now offers paid support for OpenStack, the cloud platform it open-sourced along with NASA, Dell and others. The new support service is called Cloud Builders, and it is staffed by members of Rackspace’s OpenStack team as well as employees of the Rackspace acquisition Anso Labs. Cloud Builders will offer training, deployment services and ongoing support and management.

The Rackspace blog states:

“The OpenStack™ project was initially formed to build an open cloud standard. In only 8 months, there are more than 50 organizations and 1,000 individuals that have participated to help influence and build that open cloud standard. The progress has been phenomenal and Rackspace wants to continue to push the envelope and help with the success of the OpenStack™ mission.

“With such great progress and our recent acquisition of Anso Labs, a service company that has helped large business and government organizations deploy and operate OpenStack clouds, the timing couldn’t be any more perfect to officially offer support for OpenStack™ cloud directly from Rackspace with ”Rackspace Cloud Builders.” Organizations deploying OpenStack™ cloud can now receive formal service and support offerings with Rackspace Cloud Builders – through a team of OpenStack specialists.

“Rackspace Cloud Builders will offer training and certification, deployment services, and ongoing support to enterprises and service providers through its teams of OpenStack specialists, and also expects to begin to deliver bundled solutions, system integrations and proven technology recommendations through collaborative relationships. Offerings will include:

– Training & Certification – Rackspace Cloud Builders will provide training classes and certification testing for designing, developing and administering OpenStack Clouds. Rackspace also plans to empower a network of training and certification experts.

– Deployment Services – Rackspace Cloud Builders, in conjunction with other experts from the OpenStack community, will help customers design and deploy OpenStack Clouds.

– Support & Management – Customers will have ongoing access to remote support and escalation assistance from the OpenStack specialists, including proactive monitoring and fixes.