Regular readers will know that I have had a long term love affair with SugarSync but I have just cancelled my premium subscription. This does not mean that I think any less of the service and would heartily recommend it to anyone wanting a robust and secure service rationalisation was necessary.

As a blog owner I get to see scores of cloud services, some good, some bad, some get better, others deteriorate. If I kept and maintained all the cloud-based services I sign up to for this blog I wouldn’t have enough time to eat, let alone have a day job and a social life! Something had to give and SugarSync was the obvious choice for the following reasons.

Spacious surplus

First, I have accumulated a lot of SugarSync referral web space through this site and friends signing up for the service so that with the 30GB subscription I was actually paying for was space I was not using. By losing the 30GB of paid for premium space I still have more than enough to cover my needs.

Second, some time ago I went through a belt and braces idea and subscribed to Dropbox’s premium service. I know that in the past I have been critical of Dropbox for numerous reasons but they have initiated a lot of changes with regards to its security with two step authentication and a series of technical innovations that have caught other services napping. Another key reason is that Dropbox has considerably more third party add on services that enhance the power, functionality and flexibility of the package, whereas SugarSync remains very much a standalone service. I hope this changes.


Third, I have started to develop my own cloud space using open source software called ownCloud. Because any data uploaded to my ownCloud is kept on a private server and not open to hackers I can use this to store material I would have second thoughts about placing on the likes of SugarSync or Dropbox. Also, cloud security is further enhanced because I can transfer large amounts of data to my ownCloud folders via FTP and not via a web interface.

I am still playing around with ownCloud but have been impressed with the ease on installation and the way that in syncs with my Android smartphone and tablet. I also have 25GB of free space on Box and a further 25GB of space on Skydrive, so overall the idea of paying for premium service space seems a bit bizarre.

How many cloud-based services do you run and have you ever had a cloud cull?