There are several kinds of cloud computing service offerings masquerading behind a growingly confusing array of acronyms (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DaaS, anyone?). One of the most popular areas is “common services” – products offering Internet-based services—such as storage, middleware, collaboration, and database capabilities—directly to users.

Redstor has launched three new online cloud storage infrastructure services that come under the common services category. Powered by EMC’s Atmos platform, Redstor servers are hosted in geographically diverse data centres and provide secure cloud storage services to help organisations develop an overall cloud storage strategy.

The first service, Redstor Cloud Network Attached Storage (NAS), offers virtually unlimited file storage capacity via a downloadable virtual NAS appliance that runs on the user’s server in their data centre. The service is based on the Nasuni Filer, which creates a secure, high performance NAS server with a connection to the Redstor Cloud Storage Platform. It also offers automatic provisioning, fast restore of old files, high-performance caching, and end-to-end encryption of both data and metadata.

Redstor Cloud Drive for PCs and Servers allows users to mount Redstor Cloud Storage to a standard Windows PC or Server in exactly the same way as a normal hard drive. It offers a virtually limitless storage capacity via the Redstor Cloud Storage Platform and can be used to create a shared virtual drive for remote sites and users. All users can map into the same cloud storage account and consequently are able to share documents from any location via the internet.

Lastly, Redstor Cloud Storage Silo allows users to access unlimited business-grade storage quickly and easily via the EMC Atmos web services API or a third party Independent Software Vendor (ISV). It seems there is a growing community of application providers that offer secure cloud storage access for their applications using the Atmos API. The API also allows for any ISV or in-house developer to develop their application to use the Redstor Storage Platform- via the Cloud Silo.

Redstor’s thinking behind rolling out three services is to address different use cases, offering capacity on demand and allowing access to stored data any time and from anywhere. In theory, users no longer need to purchase, implement and manage physical storage systems in their own data centre. Think of it as pay-as-you-go storage, and without the technical complications of managing in-house network devices.

Tony Ruane, Business Development Director at Redstor, said: “These three cloud services have been introduced as a result of the huge demand from our customers and partners over the last five years for cloud offerings that move data to lower-cost storage locations. Our Cloud Storage Platform, powered by EMC Atmos, forms a key part of our infrastructure. We see this as a natural extension to our Cloud Backup services which we have been selling since 2005 to our 150-strong partner community in the UK and Europe.”