Remote software… It can come across as a strange term at first. When you consider the word “remote”, some might think of the TV remote control while others might think about a child’s remote control car flying around the backyard.

However neither of these thoughts quite lead to remote software solutions. After a recent conversation the other day, it occurred to me that many businesses are still unaware of this technology, and so this blog post can be considered as a kind of “remote software 101″ lesson – for all those who are scouring the Web for a quick guide.

If you’re interested in remote software you then you no doubt are looking for a way to remotely access a distant computer. If you’re not looking for that but wondering what remote software is – then hopefully the previous sentence has summed it up. In other words, a remote software application allows remote control of a computer by another device through the Internet.

Generally, the controlling device’s display mirrors the controlled computer’s display screen. The person sitting at the controlling computer can also gain remote control of the other computer’s keyboard and mouse. This allows a user access to the computer as if they were on location.

How Does Remote Software Help Business?

The businesspeople of today are more mobile and more connected than ever before. Remote access expands that mobility and control. Imagine a representative of your business with complete access to his or her office computer, and thus your network, from home or while on the road. This technology allows employees to continue being productive even when they aren’t in the office.

Businesses can also consolidate their IT needs through this type of software. Remote access allows a business to locate their IT department centrally, and to limit the number of man hours required. Consider the business spread throughout the US powering their technical support via one unit. Satellite units provide in-person services, but the IT department provides the bulk of the service remotely, saving money, time and labor. Businesses that provide technical support to their clients can leverage the power of remote software in the same way.

What Is a Real-World Application of Remote Software?

Modern banking solutions are facilitated using this software. Remote access allows the bank to locate centrally, and accomplish a diverse array of tasks throughout the country and potentially the world. The modern branch bank must provide its executive-level employees complete access to the network from many points throughout the country.

The bank must also provide technical support to employees for banking and branch alarm software. In addition, the bank must provide support to a client base that extends further then their physical presence. Today, branch-banking firms accomplish this by using a central monitoring and support unit leveraging the power of this technology.

That’s just one example. However there are more examples of people using remote software in a range of industries.