Chris Thompson, Managing Director of ProcessFlows, the UK Distributor for RightFax said: “Fax has always been a secure method of communication – it can’t be compromised like email. But following the recent hacking of Google’s Gmail service and Sony’s Playstation gaming network, shadows have been cast on the security of running office systems and processes in the cloud rather than on-premise. This new release of RightFax couldn’t have come at better time to reassure our legal, banking and healthcare customers that faxing in the cloud is totally secure and meets regulatory requirements.”

As companies of all sizes look to cloud-based office application suites such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps, the ability to securely send and receive faxes through these services will be critical, while also retaining integration with other parts of the organisation. Adding to its cloud support, RightFax Web Access is now included with all systems, allowing users to access their RightFax server from a Web browser.

In addition to enhanced support for cloud-based office systems, the new release makes it easier, faster and more secure for customers to integrate faxing into their business processes and workflows with new features such as barcode routing, searchable PDF delivery and enhanced Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Lotus Notes 8.5 integration.

Extensive Improvements and New Features

  • Efficiency and Productivity: RightFax 10 boosts productivity with the inclusion of native, searchable PDF documents and barcode routing technologies. This means that the system delivers to all common end points, fax documents that are already overlaid with results from optical character recognition, along with high reliability routing options. This leads to better archiving and management of fax documents.
  • Business continuity: RightFax 10 introduces Branch Office Server to address the logistical, cost, performance and business continuity challenges that multi-site organisations face to support the fax needs of remote workers and office locations. The new capability allows branch offices to run fax servers reliably and independently, while continuing to meet corporate policies and regulations for fax document handling and retention. The Branch Office Server is also well suited for Cisco’s ISR G2 SRE Module.
  • Greater Performance and Enhanced Security: RightFax 10 provides highly secure, advanced email system integration, which helps to keep sensitive information hidden from prying eyes and includes a number of performance and reliability enhancements. Also with this release, OpenText is enhancing the licensing and activation process for RightFax in order to streamline installation and ongoing maintenance. It uses a system unique identifier (SUID) mechanism to include MFP and data connectors, and will live across all future versions.
  • Flexible Deployment with on and off premise solutions: RightFax 10 provides a robust and secure mechanism that will integrate with an on-premise messaging system such as Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes/Domino. The new mail system integrations also allow integration with both Google Apps and the forthcoming Microsoft Office365 Exchange Online solutions to provide enterprises with options for routing faxes to users’ desktops.