Oracle consultancy Rocela has pointed to new figures and claimed that uncertainty over Oracle’s roadmap is causing customers to hold back on investments. Rocella is drawing on a recent survey of its clients to add weight to this argument.

Aside from a lack of clarity on how Oracle products will develop, one of the major issues is compliance. According to Rocela’s survey, 80% of its large blue chip enterprises do not have a high level of confidence in their license compliance position, and the consultancy claims that until they do, they will be reluctant to further invest in Oracle technologies.

Martin Mutch, CEO of Rocela said: “Oracle has quickly ripped out the inefficiencies and cost duplication within Sun and is doing a good job demonstrating its commitment to grow the software and hardware business, however it’s yet to confirm the product roadmap.

“In our day-to-day advisory engagements with large enterprise organisations, we have seen a reticence to commit to large multi-year Oracle investments.

“The need for clarity in Oracle’s roadmap is an important factor in their decision making process.

“As the market evens out post recession and Oracle’s roadmap becomes clear, we’re hoping to see an increase in customer confidence return to the marketplace with large enterprise organisations making significant investments in Oracle.

“In the meantime, end users should use this time to arm themselves with a more comprehensive understanding of their Oracle license position.”

Having said all this, it is important to bear in mind that Oracle’s fourth quarter earnings smashed analysts’ estimates. In that quarter, Oracle’s revenues grew by 39% to $9.51 billion, and net income rose by 25% to $2.36 billion. As well as this, Oracle’s new software license revenue rose by 14%, which throws Rocela’s position into a little shadow to say the least.