April 2018 was the month where Facebook’s boat was rocked. It is difficult to imagine it ever sinking, but Mark Zuckerberg’s behemoth faced its first significant crisis in its 14-year history, as its failure to protect users’ data hit the headlines. Mr Zuckerberg faced congress to answer questions about how his business uses peoples’ personal data. This lead to an apology from the Facebook chief – the authenticity of which has since been called into question. 

It was a stark warning to a multi-billion-pound company that couldn’t seem to step a foot wrong – at least nothing significant enough to markedly affect its market value. The reach of the potential misuse of data? Over 2 billion users’ social media profiles worldwide.

Luckily for Mr Zuckerberg, Facebook has become intrinsically linked with peoples’ lives; many cannot imagine being able to go about their day without sharing a picture of their food; a gym selfie or a cute picture of a pet. People rely on Facebook to keep in touch – from university friends to family on the other side of the world, the digital improvements seen in Facebook over the years have helped users to stay connected. The news of Facebook’s poor data protection record has upset the apple cart, but the apple cart will inevitably – and quickly – reconfigure and continue its journey as though nothing has happened. 

Poor Data Protection Exposed

Facebook’s recent case is an example of poor data protection management on a massive scale. However, the size and Global significance of the business was ultimately what protected it from potentially devastating consequences. If the fundamental elements of Facebook’s story were to be replicated on a smaller scale, the effects could potentially ruin the effected business. Therefore, all online businesses need to take note. Following legislation and advice from the right source can protect your business from future damage. 

Tech Unfamiliarity 

The technological boom of the 21st Century means that businesses are now being run very differently; everyone wants to take advantage of e-commerce and grow their business online. However, given the fast pace of technological advancement, many businesses are ill-prepared to carefully and successfully plan their online development. This could lead to significant problems down the line.

A new, tech-savvy generation of business owners have entered the fold over the last decade. However, for older business owners, tech security can be more difficult to understand in a business context. Nowadays, it is so easy to set up a website and start trading online; this can lead to a false sense of complacency. It is important to take a step back. 

Slow Down & Get Help 

As a business owner you juggle many competing priorities at once. This means you may be tempted to put off what you perceive to be unessential jobs, until they require your attention. However, as your business expands, the importance of following legal guidelines grows at a similar rate. And if the fundamental measures were not in place at the beginning, it can be extremely difficult to get your business back on track. Failing to successfully manage your business’ online security can cause it major problems – in both its reputation and finances. 

Finding help from the right place ensures your business’ overall online strategy is safe, secure and professional. Getting IT expertise can also help you to maximise the potential of your website – allowing you to exploit every opportunity to expand your business online.

Have you gained advice about your business’ website? Perhaps you have a story about poor website security?